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Sensible. Fast. Protection.

Help Safeguard Your Family with IncomeSense …
Term Life Insurance That Makes Sense 

Add to your benefits with life insurance that's sensible … fast … and affordable. 

You can do it now, during your company’s benefit election period, with IncomeSense declining term life insurance. It offers all that and more. In a few quick clicks.

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A Sensible Solution to Helping Secure the Financial Future of Those Who Matter Most 

  • Certainty: Term life protection paired to the income needs of your family. Coverage for 10 or 15 years.
  • Convenience: Easy enrollment and fully portable — you can keep coverage if you leave your employer.
  • Speed: No medical exam. Expect a coverage decision in minutes.
  • Opportunity: All employees ages 18-65 are eligible to apply.
  • Confidence: A guaranteed benefit is paid upon a claim. Your family receives the amount you specified every month for the life of the policy.
  • Affordability: Pay for only the coverage you need — designed to cost less than traditional level term insurance. Additionally, individual underwriting offers healthy applicants the potential for less expensive coverage than equivalent group term life.

IncomeSense Declining Term Life Insurance (PDF)

Explore IncomeSense Term Life Insurance

A Sensible Approach to Protection

How does IncomeSense help protect the future well-being of your loved ones? Learn more in this video.

Easy Enrollment Too

Just follow the prompts in your employee benefits program.  See your Benefits Department for further details.