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Opportunistic High Yield Strategy

The strategy seeks to outperform over a full market cycle by employing bottom up fundamental research and proprietary risk management techniques to create an optimal balance of income generation and capital appreciation. 

  • Designed to generate 100 – 125 basis points of alpha from both security selection and top down/macro inputs
  • Targeted tracking error of 150 – 175 basis points
  • Consistent philosophy and low turnover among the research team
High Yield / Opportunistic 
Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Corporate High Yield
April 1, 2016


We believe achieving an optimal balance between income generation and capital appreciation is best accomplished with an approach that allows for the flexibility to opportunistically manage risk with tactical exposures to the lower quality segments of the market within a framework that strategically focuses on the higher quality, less volatile segments of the market. 

Portfolio Construction

  • Invests primarily in high yield bonds
  • Long-term orientation and are typically managed with a focus on a high level of income generation
  • De-emphasize sectors with unfavorable risk-return relationships
  • Tactical exposure to CCC-rated securities for risk allocation and risk management rather than income generation 

Strategy Facts

As of 9/30/2020

 Assets Under Management                $248 million
 eVestment Universe U.S. High Yield Fixed Income
 Investment Vehicle Separate Account


Garrick Bauer

Garrick T. Bauer, CFA

Vice President, Portfolio Manager

Career Summary
Wellington Management Company
Summit Investment Partners

BS - Miami University
MBA - University of Virginia

Meet Garrick Bauer
Timothy Jossart

Timothy J. Jossart, CFA

Vice President, Portfolio Manager

Career Summary
Star Bank
PNC Bank

BBA - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Meet Timothy Jossart

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