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What to Do in Retirement: 10 Ideas

Retirement Planning
3 generations of women discussing what to do in retirement

Figuring out what to do in retirement can feel a little overwhelming. Without the structure of a workday, you may worry that it will be difficult to fill the time.

Fortunately, there's no shortage of things to do in retirement. Now that you have the time, consider trying some of these retirement hobbies and activities.

1. Travel

Seeing the world might be more fun when you don't have to get right back to the office after your trip. Enjoy the pleasures of traveling in retirement, and don't forget that your open schedule means you can likely take advantage of off-season rates and discounts to make the most of your retirement savings.

2. See the Country in an RV

Another way to travel in retirement is on the open road and in the comfort of an RV. Many retirees decide to sell their homes and embrace the RV lifestyle, which can be both economical and comfortable. Even if you are not sure you're ready to commit to buying an RV, you can rent one to try out the lifestyle.

3. Go Back to School

Lifelong learning is not only correlated with longevity, according to Harvard Business Review, but it's also a great answer for what to do in retirement. Whether you decide to pursue a degree or simply take classes that interest you, going to school in retirement is a great way to expand your social circle and keep yourself feeling young. In addition, many colleges offer discounts on tuition to seniors, making this an economical and fun thing to do in retirement.

4. Start a Business

Retiring from a traditional job to start a business can be a great way to enjoy your second act. Whether you build a business based on the skills you learned in your first career, or centered around a hobby or passion, you can enjoy the satisfaction of creating something new while adding to your retirement income.

5. Volunteer

Giving back to your community or an important cause can be one of the most fulfilling things to do in retirement. You may be able to find potential opportunities to volunteer by contacting your local library or place of worship.

6. Make Art

Retirement is a great time to get creative. Whether you decide to paint, craft, write or make music, leaning into your artistic side can be a great retirement hobby.

7. Try a New Sport

While retirement may seem like an odd time to pick up a new sport, it could be a great way to spend your time. Not only will you enjoy all the benefits of exercise, but you'll also forge new connections with others who play or compete. Pickleball is a fun, low-impact sport that might be worth trying.

8. Become a Mentor

Helping a child or young adult navigate life can be a rewarding way to spend your retirement. Your local Big Brothers Big Sisters is a great place to volunteer if you're interested in mentoring a child or teen. Want to mentor someone in the career you just left? Consider contacting your college alumni office to see if there is a recent graduate who would appreciate some pointers from you.

9. Find Your Roots

It can be fascinating to learn about your family origins, and retirement is a great time to dip into genealogy. Start by talking to your relatives. This can be a good excuse to get in touch with distant relatives. From there, many websites are available to help you identify some of the missing branches of your family tree.

10. Run for Office

You can do a lot of good in your community as a public servant. Retirees likely have more time to devote to the school board or the city council, which means they can bring fresh energy and enthusiasm to the role.

The Next Great Adventure

Figuring out what to do in retirement should be the joyful beginning of your next chapter. Your options for retirement hobbies are only limited by your imagination.

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Retirement Planning

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