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A happy couple consulting a financial professional about how bonds work

How Bonds Work: The Basics

Bonds can be a standard component of a diversified portfolio. Here are the basics of different kinds of bonds and how they work.
grandfather fishing with grandson after determining his reasons for life insurance

5 Overlooked Reasons for Life Insurance

Life insurance can do more than cover your funeral costs. Here are five of the overlooked financial reasons to buy life insurance.
Mother reading with her daughter at home and thinking about how much does it cost to raise a kid

How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Kid ?

Here's a breakdown of the costs you can potentially expect when raising a child.
Personal Finance
Soldier with family upon returning home before considering life insurance for veterans

How Is Life Insurance for Veterans Different?

As a veteran transitioning to civilian life, it's important to understand what life insurance options are available to you.
Senior couple meeting in kitchen on laptop discussing estate planning 101

Estate Planning 101: The Basics

Are you unsure where to start with your estate plan, or why you need one? Here are some things to consider.
Personal Finance
Cafe owner looking up "what is a SEP?" on his tablet

What Is a SEP Account? 

Offering a SEP retirement account may help you attract and retain employees — and help increase your own retirement funding as a business owner.
Small Business
Carpenter smiling as he designs a project and considers how to make money in retirement

How to Make Money in Retirement

Want to earn a little extra retirement income? Here's why you may want to consider it — and how to get started. 
Retirement Planning
Senior woman holding her dog in a garden while estate planning for pets

Estate Planning for Pets

What should pet parents know about estate planning for their pets?
Personal Finance
Senior couple checking map on a walk and talking about starting an emergency fund in retirement

Why You May Need an Emergency Fund in Retirement

Your retirement savings may cover your daily lifestyle, but you might want to also prepare for the unpredictable.
Retirement Planning
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