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Providing You a Strong Foundation to Help Grow Your Business

We offer personalized support, the latest technology and a strong portfolio of life insurance and annuity products to help make doing business easier and more rewarding for you.

Why Choose Columbus Life?

Our independent financial professionals are exceptional in their own right, but brought together with Columbus Life, they achieve new levels of success with a next-level partnership.

At Columbus Life, we work with some of the industry's most successful people, build programs and products to help them thrive and reward them for a job well done. We offer personalized support that helps you build your business with competitive compensation that allows you to maintain your independence.

Discover the Columbus Life Culture

Built on a culture of over 110 years of financial strength and stability, Columbus Life’s solid foundation helps the company protect producers and clients. Hear from Columbus Life associates* on why you should discover the Columbus Life difference. 

Discover the Columbus Life Culture

What is the best part about working for Columbus Life?

JJ MILLER: Oh, I think the best part, clearly, is the people you get to know and the relationships you get to build. I absolutely love all the relationships that I’ve built over the last 9 years with producers. I have so much fun going to company conventions and being with producers. And when they come and visit, and when I go out to their offices and visit with them. 

STEVE: What really makes us stand out above and beyond that is the people that are at Columbus Life. You know I feel very fortunate and privileged to come into work every day with a group of people that truly care about their job. 

SHARON: I think it’s definitely the people. The people at Columbus Life are genuine and caring, and truly, truly a family-oriented company. I have worked for the company 20 years and have had some difficult times in my personal life with death and different things of close family members, and Columbus Life has always been there for me.

SHANNON: I’ve had agents who have come into the office to visit. And the one thing that I’ve heard over and over again is that the company feels like a family to them. And I think that’s really important, you know, and it’s something that they can take back and really feel good about selling to their clients.

MORGAN: Our people are extremely professional, and unlike some of our competitors, extremely accessible where it’s very easy to reach out and speak to them.

STEVE: Most independent agents probably are appointed or affiliated with 8 to 10 companies. They tend to do business with maybe four or five of those companies, but they really want to do and prefer to do business with one or two of them. And we work very hard to be the one or two that they really want to do business with.

AARON: We’ve embraced technology with Columbus Life. We start with an e-application, we have a mobile app for our producers. We’re doing e-policy delivery. We’ve made the entire process paperless. Within 24 to 48 hours, we have a policy back out to you in the form of a digitally delivered policy and the producer’s getting paid on that very, very quickly. 

SHANNON: Columbus Life is unique because we are a small company with the financial strength of being a part of the Western & Southern Financial Group. And what that affords to our clients, you know, is that they don't have to choose, do I want the financial strength of a big company or do I want that personal service of a small company? With Columbus Life, our producers and clients get both.

JJ MILLER: We have great financial strength, we have very, very good products, but a number of companies have that. Where we differentiate ourselves is really the people that we have that are great relationship builders.

WARD: That’s the closing lynchpin in every conversation that I have with a producer. Because they want to know who you are. They want to have that comfort in knowing that the product that they put their client in, they can have confidence knowing that carrier’s going to be there to follow through on that promise.

STEVE: Whether it’s our Advanced Markets team, it’s our internal sales desk, our external sales team, our Underwriting and New Business Team. I think they all have a desire to have a personal relationship and connection with the agents that work with Columbus Life to provide them the best, fastest, most efficient service that they can find anywhere. 

SHANNON: You know, they can pick up the phone and they can get a hold of any underwriter, any manager, anybody on the sales team, you know? And the folks that they're calling know who they are. There's a relationship there that they're able to build, that they're just not going to get, you know, with the big-name companies.

WARD: For any carrier, there are what I call the three Ps of success. You’ve got to have product, you’ve got to have payout, and you got to have people. Where the really successful carriers separate is on the people. That’s the hardest area to get right, and that’s an area that we’ve got right.

Strong Product Portfolio

Competitive life insurance and annuity products, including guaranteed cash accumulation UL and IUL, guaranteed universal life and term products, all with living benefits
Learn More About Our Product Offering

Deferred Compensation Program

Provides a company match for high-producing agents to help supplement your retirement income
Learn More About Our Compensation & Benefits Package

Sales Support Team

A service model that supports independent producers with personalized, one-on-one service with underwriters, Advanced Markets and other key personnel when you need it
Learn More About How We Support Our Producers

Robust Agent Platform

Online interface that helps you to stay up-to-date on pending and in-force business, run illustrations, download marketing materials and attend training
Learn More About Our Agent Technology

Training Programs

Online and in-person training programs that help you learn best practices and help grow your business
Learn More About Our Marketing Essentials

Join Us

Discover the next level of your success by contracting with Columbus Life.

Discover the Columbus Life Difference

Columbus Life Insurance Company provides competitive life insurance and annuity solutions that help meet your clients’ retirement, estate planning and advanced business planning goals. We build direct relationships with all of our producers to provide high-touch personalized support to you and your clients. This, along with strong ratings, innovative technology and a rich history, is what makes the Columbus Life difference. 

Discover the Columbus Life Difference

You notice the Columbus Life Difference when you talk with associates, attend our business-building meetings or gather with top producers at our celebrated national conferences. 

Our legacy of consistent financial performance—along with top ratings by industry rating agencies—are the cornerstones of our success.

From our founder Pop Brandon, to long-standing relationships with today’s industry leaders, more than 110 years of tradition drive us as a company built for producers by producers.

Our superior strength backs a portfolio of competitive, flexible products designed to help you build your business. We take a thoughtful approach to product design, with features that are easy to understand and answer your clients’ needs.

When it comes to technology, our solutions help make doing business even faster and easier. 

Our mobile apps, electronic application, electronic policy delivery, and other online tools are designed to put policies in place sooner, and pay commissions even faster.

Columbus Life’s direct contract means you‘re independent, but not alone.

As a Columbus Life producer, you can talk directly with a case underwriter, our Advanced Markets team, or even our CEO about your business. And our concierge-level support means that a real person is always available to meet your business needs and maximize your potential.

Finally, we recognize and reward business achievements through our conferences, sales awards and programs like deferred compensation. 

We partner with accomplished producers who bring passion and dedication to their clients, who are driven to succeed and who expect outstanding results. 

At Columbus Life, the difference is a higher level of commitment and care. We believe that by giving you our best attention and support, you can then provide the best level of service to your clients.

Discover the Columbus Life Difference for Yourself. 

Visit us online at, and learn how you can step up to the next level of success.
*Contributor is affiliated and appointed with Columbus Life Insurance Company. Personal views and opinions expressed are those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect the views of Columbus Life Insurance Company.

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