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Innovative Technology to Help Save Time & Speed Up Business

In today's fast-paced world, we're all using technology to manage our daily lives. That includes independent producers, who need to keep up with their business in the office and on the go.

When it comes to the latest technology, we have a single focus: to develop solutions that make doing business with Columbus Life faster and easier.
Help Reduce Submission to Commission Time by More Than 50 Percent

When you use all of our tools together, policies go in force sooner, commissions are paid faster and the time it takes to purchase life insurance may be reduced dramatically to as little as a few days. That’s a win for you, your clients and Columbus Life. 

Submission to Commission

At Columbus Life, we have a bold vision: to reduce the time from submission to commission by more than 50 percent!

It all starts with our CLIC Mobile app, which gives you the option to quote select products. You can then request illustrations right in the app or through our Extranet. When you’re ready, submit applications digitally with our iGO electronic application. With our Accelerated Underwriting program, select cases can be processed without going through the rigors of medical underwriting. You can then use the CLIC Mobile app to reply to requirements, contact the home office or accept an offer.

Within 48 hours, we create a final policy for your client. You can then deliver the policy electronically, send and receive signatures and submit it back to us for activation.

When you use all of these tools together, policies go in force sooner, commissions are paid faster, and the time it takes to purchase life insurance can be reduced dramatically to as little as a few days. That’s a win for you, your clients and Columbus Life.

While our entire process can help simplify your business it should never replace your face time with clients. You get to decide how you use these tools to make doing business easier. For example, you could submit an application electronically, but still decide to hand-deliver the policy yourself when you accept an offer.

Whether you use just a few or all of these time saving tools, the process is designed around you and your clients.

It’s the quickest way to submit a policy. It gives you the information you want, when you need it.

It provides choices based on your clients’ needs. It can reduce paper, and let you save electronic files instead. It reduces the steps to submit, track and deliver policies. In some cases, it can eliminate the lengthy and invasive medical elements of underwriting. And finally – most importantly – it gives you more time to spend with your clients.

No other life insurance company offers online quoting, an electronic application, a mobile app and electronic policy delivery all in one life insurance purchase.

So, how do you get started? Just log on to the Extranet! There, you can:

Access the electronic application or electronic policy delivery.

Download our CLIC Mobile app onto your smartphone or tablet.

Learn more about the parameters for accelerated underwriting.

Or, watch a guided tour and find step-by-step guides on how to use our tools.

If you have questions about any part of our all-digital process, contact the Columbus Life Sales Desk at 800-677-9696, option 4.

Easy & Accurate Electronic Applications

Columbus Life's iGO® electronic application helps agents submit applications quickly, easily and in good order. Applications are checked for accuracy — leaving less rework for producers — and submitted directly to the right home office personnel. Our electronic application can mean easier options for you, and faster policies in place for your clients.

Accelerated Underwriting for Qualified Clients

With our accelerated underwriting program, qualifying clients can receive an underwriting decision in as little as 72 hours — dramatically reducing the amount of time to move business from submission to commission.  Accelerated underwriting uses a predictive analysis model to quickly identify individuals who qualify for policies without invasive or extended tests and data collection.  In addition to a less-invasive underwriting process, qualified clients receive faster delivery of their policy — and you receive your commission faster.

Fast & Secure Electronic Policy Delivery

Once policies are ready for issue, our DocFast® electronic solution helps agents share them securely with clients. In DocFast, agents can easily review policies and other business-related documents, send them to clients electronically, and have them accurately signed and sent back to Columbus Life. This means policies go in force sooner, payments are processed quicker and the time from submission to commission is even faster.

Mobile Apps to Help You Do Business Anywhere

CLIC Mobile App
Track the status of pending business with Columbus Life, price quote our life insurance products and gauge a client’s rating class with our underwriting rate quote.

Tax Guide App
Share tax calculators, tax rates and tax tables as you help clients with their tax planning. This app is updated yearly with the latest tax information.

Robust Online Producer Portal

Our online producer Extranet is your one-stop resource to check your pending and in-force business with Columbus Life, run illustrations, see marketing materials and sales concepts and attend training.
Technology That Can Help Make Doing Business With Us Easier & More Efficient

Here at Columbus Life, we understand that time is precious. That’s why we are committed to implementing tools and resources that help make doing business with us easier and more efficient, both now and in the future. One way we do that is through technology.

Columbus Life Technology

Here at Columbus Life, we understand that time is precious.  That’s why we are committed to implementing tools and resources that help make doing business with us easier and more efficient, both now and in the future.

One way we do that is through technology. Our CLIC Mobile app gives you a one-stop resource for Columbus Life pending business and quotes on the go.

This secure, connected app allows you to view your pending business, respond to requirements, contact our new business and underwriting teams, accept offers and receive notifications when a case is Pending, Offered or has been Issued.

CLIC Mobile also helps you easily quote our Voyager UL and Nautical Term products, and compare the  products side-by-side.

In addition, you can gauge what a client might be rated with the Underwriting Rate Quote module, before going through the rigors of medical underwriting! 

Overall, CLIC Mobile allows you to take action on pending cases more quickly and quote no matter where you are.

Additionally, Columbus Life offers a Tax App that allows you to perform basic tax calculations, from income tax to Social Security benefits, right at your fingertips. The app also offers an easily-accessible and in-depth, electronic reference guide that may save you valuable time and enhance your client interactions.

Our intuitive electronic application process — iGO® — allows you to fill out a new business application securely and quickly through Columbus Life’s producer Extranet.

It eliminates the guesswork, allows for electronic signatures and (most importantly) allows your case to be processed up to 15% faster than paper applications. And who doesn’t want to get from submission to commission faster?

Speaking of speed-to-issue Columbus Life also offers you the option to electronically deliver policies to your clients using iPipeline’s DocFast®.

This secure feature includes a real-time dashboard that allows you to track a policy’s progress and eliminate paperwork throughout the process. DocFast® helps significantly reduce the time it takes to issue a policy — benefiting both you and your clients.

Whether its mobile apps or electronic solutions, we’re truly committed to giving you solid resources that benefit your day-to-day business. And there’s no better example of that than the Columbus Life Producer mobile-optimized Extranet.

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