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Outstanding Financial Strength

In 1906, Columbus Life founder Channing Webster Brandon incorporated the Columbus Mutual Life Insurance Company with $100,000 in state-required "idle money" and $49.60 in capital. Neither he, nor the company, ever looked back.

Ever since, Columbus Life has had a remarkable record of solid financial strength — a strength that was reinforced when Columbus Life became a member of the Western & Southern Financial Group in 1989. 

For more than 100 years, we've been helping our clients preserve and protect the vitally important things they've worked so hard to build. Columbus Life has a long tradition of consistent, profitable financial performance and financial integrity. The proof is in the numbers. 

columbus life financial report 2018

Financial Summary

Our financial stability means we have the power to help protect our clients' assets and help ensure we will meet our future obligations to them. Our financial summary tells the story of our financial strength, growth and stability to back up our promises to our clients. Add this to the financial stability of our parent company, Western & Southern Financial Group, and it's easy to see why Columbus Life is a solid choice for your life insurance and annuities.

Top Industry Ratings

Today, our financial strength is reflected in some of the highest ratings in the life insurance industry. Of all the life insurance companies you could choose, Columbus Life is one of the strongest.
a plus superior

A.M. Best Company

Superior ability to meet ongoing insurance obligations (second highest of 16 ratings; rating held since June 2009)
aa- very strong

Standard & Poor's

Very strong financial security characteristics (fourth highest of 21 ratings; rating held since August 2018)
aa very strong


Very strong capacity to meet policyholder and contract obligations on a timely basis (third highest of 21 ratings; rating held since June 2009)
aa3 excellent


Excellent financial security (fourth highest of 21 ratings; rating held since February 2009)
rating comdex 95

Comdex Ranking

The Comdex Ranking is a composite of all the ratings a company has received from the major rating agencies. It ranks insurers on a scale of 1 to 100 (where 1 is the lowest) in an effort to reduce confusion over ratings because each rating agency uses a different scale.
The ratings are correct as of September, 2018, and are subject to change. Ratings refer to the claims-paying ability of the insurance company and do not reflect the performance or safety of any investment product. The rating agencies listed above are independent of each other and use proprietary evaluation criteria and rating scales.