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Explore Columbus Life's History

For more than a century, Columbus Life has been committed to improving financial futures and providing real value to both independent producers and policyholders. That was the vision of our founder, Channing Webster ("Pop") Brandon, and it continues to serve us today.

  1. 2012

    1. Columbus Life introduced iGO®¹, an intuitive electronic application that helps ensure that every application is in good order and speeds up the issue process. The next year, we also introduced two key mobile applications. Today, our Tax App continues to provide key calculators and tax tables, while our enhanced CLIC Mobile app gives independent producers updates on their pending business, and product quoting options.
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  2. 2008

    1. The U.S. government began to intervene in the U.S. financial system to avoid a crisis, as illustrated by the Federal Reserve's $200 billion loan program for the country's biggest banks. In a year of economic uncertainty, consumers sought financial products that featured stability and real guarantees. This flight to quality resulted in Columbus Life enjoying a near record in annuity sales with more than $74 million in new premium.
  3. 2006

    1. Columbus Life celebrated its 100th anniversary with the City of Cincinnati (home of the national headquarters in Ohio) proclaiming November 17, 2006, as "Columbus Life Insurance Company Day." At this point in time, Columbus Life is represented by more than 3,000 independent financial professionals.
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  1. 1972

    1. Columbus Mutual doubled in size from 1968 to 1972, achieving $2 billion of insurance in force in 1972 and issuing its first individual life policy through the ALIS computer system in 1970. In 1980, Columbus Mutual doubled in size once again, achieving $4 billion of life insurance in force. Ranked in the top 8% of life insurance companies, Columbus Mutual celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1981 by achieving $1 billion in new sales.
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  2. 1961

    1. The country experienced steady growth after World War II, and so too did Columbus Mutual — when a merger between Columbus Mutual and Ohio State Life Insurance Company was blocked in 1961, the two companies instead began a 19-year alliance. This marked a period of accelerated growth and modernization — we achieved a 17 percent compound growth rate in life insurance sales, and our first billion dollars of life insurance in force in the mid-1960s.
      columbus life 1961
  1. 1927

    1. During Columbus Mutual's early days, our country experienced many struggles — World War I, several national epidemics and the Great Depression. The decision to start and maintain a life insurance company during those uncertain times was a bold one, but then, as now, life insurance companies were valued as a source of stability. So it was with Columbus Mutual — in 1927, we achieved our first $100 million of life insurance in force, and by the end of the Great Depression, in-force policies had increased by $10 million.
      columbus life 1927
  2. 1906

    1. The company was founded on November 17, 1906. After meeting a strict State of Ohio requirement that $100,000 in "idle money" be set aside, Columbus Mutual Life Insurance Company was finally incorporated in Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Brandon began company operations with a whopping $49.60! Columbus Mutual finally sold its first coverage two years later — a $5,000 ordinary life insurance policy — and had three agents selling its products.
      columbus life 1906
  3. 1903

    1. Displeased with "inequities" in the way policyowners and agents were being treated, Channing Webster Brandon began selling stock in a new life insurance company — the Columbus Mutual Life Insurance Company. Mr. Brandon (affectionately nicknamed "Pop"), started traveling all over Ohio, promoting his plans for life insurance that offered policyowners "the best insurance for the least money" and independent producers "a square deal" from the company.
      columbus life 1903
1 iGO® is a registered trademark owned and used with permission by iPipeline.