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Help Balance Growth & Security for Your Retirement With AccountMax Market Value Adjusted Annuity

Balancing growth with security is important, whether you're headed for retirement or you're already there. That's why our AccountMax Single Premium Deferred Annuity1 with a market value adjustment (MVA) helps offer both stability and growth potential in a single annuity product.

AccountMax combines guaranteed rate terms with the possibility for higher interest rates. Lock in a guaranteed, competitive interest rate for up to ten years and earn credit at the end of your renewal period.

All of this, combined with an optional Enhanced Death Benefit, helps AccountMax provide the guarantees you need with the flexibility you're looking for.

This product has specific eligibility requirements. 

18-89, tax qualified (only transfer or rollover money after age 69) & non-tax qualified $10,000 minimum single premium
No subsequent premiums

Key Features of AccountMax Market Value Adjusted Annuity

Choose an interest rate guarantee period for seven or ten years²
Withdraw up to 10% of the contract value each year without incurring a surrender charge3
Optional death benefit protection with the Enhanced Death Benefit Rider
First-year 2% interest rate bonus4
Variety of guaranteed income options, including scheduled payments for life, income payments for a select period or even a one-time payment3

Available Benefits of AccountMax MVA Annuity

Security for your loved ones is paramount — the optional Enhanced Death Benefit Rider within AccountMax can help preserve the value of your annuity for your beneficiaries. This benefit offers additional protection to help offset any expenses that beneficiaries could incur after your death.

AccountMax also has a market value adjustment (MVA) on withdrawals taken during the guarantee period - if you decide to make a withdrawal, your account's value will adjust depending on the interest rate offered at that time. If we offer higher interest rates, your account's value may be higher; if we offer lower interest rates, your account's value may be lower.

Find Out More About AccountMax Single Premium Deferred Annuity

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1 These contracts and benefits may not be available in all states, and benefits may vary by state.

2 At the end of the renewal period, the contract will be credited with an annual renewal rate. The minimum guaranteed rate is specified in the contract when issued and may vary by state.

3 Earnings and pre-tax payments are subject to income tax at withdrawal. Withdrawals may be subject to charges. Withdrawals from an annuity are subject to ordinary income tax, and, if taken before age 59½, may be subject to a 10% IRS penalty. The minimum withdrawal is $250 and at least $2,500 must remain in the account after the withdrawal. All withdrawals and payments during a guarantee period except death benefits and required minimum distributions are subject to a market value adjustment. Systematic withdrawals are not available if partial withdrawals have been made in the same contract year. Withdrawals will reduce the contract value. Excess withdrawals in a policy year will be charged the applicable surrender charge.  Surrender charges are as follows: Year 1, 7%; Year 2, 7%; Year 3, 7%; Year 4, 6%; Year 5, 5%; Year 6, 4%; Year 7, 3%; Year 8+, 0%. Free withdrawals not taken in a year cannot be carried over to future years.

4 Following the first year, the initial rate less the enhancement will be guaranteed for the remainder of the period you selected.

5 Interest earnings grow tax deferred until received. Distributions from non-qualified annuities and IRAs are subject to ordinary income tax. Distributions from a Roth IRA are tax free after age 59½ if the plan has been established for at least five years. Withdrawals prior to age 59½ may incur a 10% IRS penalty tax in both Traditional IRA and Roth IRA plans and in non-qualified annuities.

Payment of benefits under the annuity contract is the obligation of, and is guaranteed by Columbus Life Insurance Company. Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of Columbus Life Insurance Company. Products are backed by the full financial strength of Columbus Life Insurance Company. See your financial professional for product specifications.

Neither Columbus Life, nor its agents, offer tax advice. For specific tax information, a tax attorney or advisor should be consulted. The information provided is for educational purposes only.

Single Premium Deferred Fixed Annuity Contract Series CL 81-I 0407, and Additional Waiver of Surrender Charge Rider Series (Terminal Illness) CLR-132 0010, Additional Waiver of Surrender Charge Rider Series (Long Term Care) CLR-133 0010, and Enhanced Death Benefit Rider Series CLR-156 0208. AccountMax is not available in all states. Product and rider provisions, availability, definitions, and benefits may vary by state.

Columbus Life Insurance Company is a member of Western & Southern Financial Group, Inc.