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Perspectives for Financial Professionals

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Couple at home planning finances on laptop

Stories Help Communication

One of the most engaging ways to connect with concepts is through the power of story telling.
stack of social security cards

Surprise! Do You Know Social Security Income Is Taxed?

After years spent carefully plotting the financial consequences of retirement, don’t let Social Security benefit taxation catch you off guard. Awareness of the issues and options can make all the difference.
Elephant in the room with couple

Elephants in the Room

Talking about life’s unexpected events along with financial implications can be uncomfortable, but it can help guide meaningful conversations.
Consultative two businesswomen

Find Success in Consultative Relationships

Consumers demand control, flexibility and customization. What works are personalized solutions. And embracing that reality is crucial to consultative relationships.
Couple talking with an advisor

Planning a Legacy: How to Continue 'The Story of You'

A story can help put both a client and a financial representative on the same page.
Life Insurance
Benefits of passive investing

The Benefits of Passive Investing

Considering the historic long-term direction of markets in general, an index-tracking passive investment doesn’t try to “beat” the market; it simply tries to “be” the market. And that can be a good thing.
Uncharted territory business meeting

Uncharted Territory: Navigating the New Retirement Risk Landscape

Risk is all around us. And in the financial world, certain risks can send retirement goals off course.
Split decision expand financial flexibility

Split Decisions Expand Financial Flexibility

Given that so many possibilities exist, how can financial professionals seek to capture opportunities to make the most of them?
Business presentation with bar chart on easel

Control. Transparency. Stability.

Control, transparency and stability and what they mean for you are far too personal to be judged from a company’s advertising or public relations.


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