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Solutions Positioned for Retirement and Legacy Confidence 

Financial Products to Help Achieve Your Goals

Western & Southern Financial Group Distributors helps individuals and families build assets, address risks and manage incomes. Guaranteed products can help form a foundation of strategies designed to help secure retirements and legacies.


Insurance for Life's Challenges

Critical Illness Insurance

Help fill financial gaps not covered by traditional health, disability or life insurance

Life Insurance

Help leverage assets intended for others into a larger, income-tax-free death benefit1
Life insurance Solutions
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Annuities to Help Address Risks & Goals

Fixed Annuities

Accumulate interest at a specified rate and the funds can then be paid out as income at a later date

Income Annuities

Create income or future retirement income that can be guaranteed for life

Variable Annuities

Offers investment options with performance related to the stock market 
Annuities solutions
*Securities offered by Touchstone Securities, Inc., a registered broker-dealer and member FINRA/SIPC.

1A life insurance policy provides a tax-free death benefit unless the policy reaches maturity; at that time, you may be assessed ordinary income tax on any cash value proceeds received minus premiums paid.

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