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Reward Your Most Valuable Employees With a Split Dollar Arrangement

In today’s competitive world, attracting and retaining key people can be critical to the success of your enterprise. One solution for small business owners to incentivize their most valuable employees is with a split dollar agreement. With this method, the business purchases a life insurance policy from Lafayette Life to cover the employee with premium payments shared (or split) between the employee and employer. When the employee passes away, you receive a portion of the death benefit with the remaining benefit going to the deceased employee’s beneficiaries.

Regardless of which split dollar arrangement is chosen from Lafayette Life, you and your Financial Representative will find it a flexible, cost-effective incentive program to reward the long-term commitment of your key employees while ensuring the success of your business.  

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Consider an Option That Works Best for Your Business

There are two basic categories of split dollar arrangements: economic benefit split dollar and loan regime split dollar. A simple way to determine which method is the best option is to consider who wants to control the cash value of the policy. 
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Economic Benefit

In an economic benefit split dollar arrangement, the business owns the entire cash value of the life insurance policy and the portion of the death benefit equals premiums paid or the policy cash value, whichever is greater. The death benefit beyond the employer’s ownership interest goes to the employee’s designated beneficiary.
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Loan Regime

In a loan regime split dollar arrangement, the employee owns both the cash value and death benefit protection of the Lafayette Life insurance policy. However, the employer makes the premium payments, which are considered a loan to the employee that must be repaid out of the death benefit before the proceeds are disbursed to the deceased employee’s designated beneficiary.
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What You Need to Know About Split Dollar Arrangements

Read through our information guide to get all the details about split dollar arrangements.

Split Dollar Arrangements Guide (PDF)
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Let’s Team Up for Success

You and Lafayette Life could be a winning combination together. Whether you are ready to become a Financial Representative or would like to learn more about partnering with Lafayette Life, we are eager to hear from you. 
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