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Woman drinking coffee and looking out of her window after conducting a personal finance review

How to Conduct an End-of-Year Personal Finance Review

A personal finance review can give you insight into your financial performance over the year — and help prepare you for the start of the next one.
mother who's considering setting up a 529 plan spending time with her happy teenage daughter

What to Consider Before You Set Up a 529 Plan

A 529 plan can be an effective part of a long-term college savings strategy. Here's what to consider before you set one up.
managing digital life after death for people with social media accounts, like the woman pictured

Digital Life After Death: Loved Ones' Social Media Accounts

Social media management is an emerging aspect of estate planning. Will you "memorialize" your accounts or delete them?
group of students who know how to reduce student loan debt by graduating on time and within budget

How to Reduce Student Loan Debt & Graduate in Four Years

Careful budgeting and filling your course load are just two of many ways to help you graduate on time and potentially reduce your student loan debt.
Grandfather laughing with grandson after discussing a modified endowment contract

What Is a Modified Endowment Contract?

A modified endowment contract (MEC) is a life insurance policy in which funding has exceeded federal tax law limits. Here's what else you should know. 
Older couple riding their bikes on a beach and talking about social security

4 Social Security Myths Debunked 

Here are some of the most common Social Security myths and the truth behind them.
Middle-aged couple who share a spousal IRA walking their dog on a fall day

What Is a Spousal IRA? 

A nonworking spouse can still save for his or her own retirement with an IRA.
Senior couple discussing the taxes

The Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax: What You Should Know

Here's what you should know about the generation-skipping transfer tax in the broader context of estate planning.
Types of retirement plans can help you cover retirement costs

Types of Retirement Plans: Which Ones Apply to You?

There are many types of retirement plans available, depending on your place of work. Do you know which ones apply to you?
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