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Group of friends discussing how to outsource small business employee benefits

How to Outsource Small Business Employee Benefits

Small Business
Understanding the basics of employee benefit outsourcing will help you make the right choice for your business.
One of many happy married couples with Social Security benefits dancing together in the park

Married Couples With Social Security Benefits: What to Consider

Your age affects your Social Security benefits — but, as it turns out, so does your marital status. Here's how it works.
Middle-age small business owner researching types of small business insurance at his desk

Types of Small Business Insurance to Help Protect Your Company

Small Business
Starting a business can be rewarding, but also risky. Here are some ways you can help protect yourself and your enterprise.
a mature father and his middle-aged son laugh together in a park fixed indexed annuity

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Fixed Indexed Annuity

A fixed indexed annuity could be an excellent tool for your retirement. These five questions could help you decide if one is right for your needs.
Couple in bed safe from cybersecurity and identity theft thanks to good internet practices

Cybersecurity & Identity Theft: 8 Simple Tips to Help Keep Your Information Safe

Taking a little precaution can make a huge difference when it comes to fraud prevention and your finances.
Woman and daughter in a tent: difference between whole life insurance and universal life insurance

What's the Difference Between Whole Life Insurance & Universal Life Insurance?

Considering a permanent life insurance policy? You can start by understanding the differences between whole and universal life.
A happy family celebrating a daughter's graduation after using all of their college funding options.

College Funding Options: Federal vs. Private College Loans

Many college students — and their parents — choose loans to help fund their higher education. But what about choosing between Federal and private?
Senior couple knowledgeable about the difference between Medicare vs. Medicaid walking on the beach.

Medicare vs. Medicaid: How Covered Am I?

Medicare and Medicaid are different programs serving different purposes. Understanding them in the context of retirement planning is crucial.
How much do I need to retire at 60, like the couple pictured here walking on the beach?

How Much Do I Need to Retire at 60?

Can you afford an early retirement? Here are some considerations — from savings to costs — to help you figure it out.
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