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Horizon Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA)

You deserve to enjoy a retirement lifestyle of your choosing. With an income payment option you select, you can help guide your retirement in the right direction. Do you want guaranteed income with lifetime payout options? Horizon Single Premium Immediate Annuity offers the dependability of a guaranteed stream of income coupled with the simplicity of a one-time premium payment. This can help protect against outliving one’s assets in retirement.
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Why an Income Annuity?

An income annuity can help support a comfortable and worry-free retirement. A portion of a wealth portfolio can be converted into an income stream and increase the likelihood of covering basic expenses for a lifetime.

Add Up the Advantages

If you don’t require access to all your assets and want to know you can depend on regular, guaranteed income, consider how many of these reasons apply to you:
You are entering retirement or are already retired.
You may have resources — such as pension distributions, retirement accounts or brokerage accounts — that you wish to convert into an income stream.¹
You are concerned about outliving your income and savings.
You value a guaranteed source of income in retirement.
You want to select among various payout options at the time of purchase.
You seek freedom from having to manage your savings to generate income.
You wish to provide income for your spouse² or beneficiaries.
Horizon Single Premium Annuity Brochure

What You Need to Know About Horizon Single Premium Immediate Annuity 

Explore our product brochure to understand all the features of Horizon Single Premium Immediate Annuity. 

Horizon Immediate Annuity Product Guide (PDF)

Let’s Team Up for Success

You and Lafayette Life could be a winning combination together. Whether you are ready to become a Financial Representative or would like to learn more about working with Lafayette Life, we are eager to hear from you. 

Some assets if liquidated prior to 59½ may incur penalties in addition to any surrender charge that may apply.
In Oregon, spouse includes domestic partner.

An immediate annuity is permanent. Owner has no access to premium, which converts to an income payout stream.There is no cash value, no death benefit and the annuity can’t be surrendered. Contract terms, such as payment amount and frequency, cannot be changed, unless commutation is available and elected. An immediate annuity should not be purchased if access may be needed to any of the premium for living expenses or other purposes.

The Lafayette Life Insurance Company is a member of Western & Southern Financial Group, Inc. Single Premium Immediate Annuity contract series SPIA-94 issued by The Lafayette Life Insurance Company.

Payment of benefits under the annuity contract is the obligation of, and is guaranteed by,The Lafayette Life Insurance Company. Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the insurer. Products are backed by the full financial strength of Lafayette Life.

Earnings and pre-tax payments are subject to ordinary income tax at withdrawal.Withdrawals may be subject to charges.Withdrawals of taxable amounts from an annuity are subject to ordinary income tax, and, if taken before age 59½, may be subject to a 10% IRS penalty. Neither Lafayette Life, nor its agents, offer tax advice.For specific tax information,consult your attorney or tax advisor. Interest rates are declared by the insurance company at annual effective rates, taking into account daily compounding of interest.

Product and feature availability, as well as benefit provisions,vary bystate. See your financial professional for product details and limitations.