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Active Investing

Active management is grounded in the logic that for a mutual fund to have the opportunity to outperform its benchmark, it cannot mirror it. That is very difficult to do if a portfolio’s holdings largely overlap those of its benchmark. Explore articles that address active investing. Aspects examined include discerning what truly distinguishes it, understanding its elements and considering its value.
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What Is Active Share?

Active Share was developed to quantify the degree of active management. Learn how it measures the fraction of a fund's portfolio that differs from the benchmark index.
Active Investing
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How to Identify Truly Active Managers

The importance of finding truly active management is the foundation for Touchstone's approach to identifying Distinctively Active asset managers.
Active Investing
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What Is Distinctively Active Management & Why Is It Important?

Can deliberate and distinguishable active management better position portfolios to meet long-term goals? Touchstone thinks it can. We believe that Distinctively Active management must exhibit qualities that, according to research, are associated with potential benchmark outperformance.

Active Investing
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Martijn Cremers Unveils ActiveShare.info Fund Website 2.0

Notre Dame professor's free online resource makes it simple to discern whether actively managed U.S. equity funds are truly active — measuring Active Share and much more.
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RIA Intel: ‘Valuable Tool’ for Selecting Active Managers ‘Just Got Even Better’

Notre Dame professor Martijn Cremers’ ActiveShare.info website ‘helps advisors spot closet indexers and more,’ says industry publication.
Active Investing, In the News
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Disruption as a Difference Maker

In actively managing the Touchstone Sands Capital Select Growth Fund, its sub-advisor favors large cap growth companies that in its view use ‘dislocation and disruption’ to their advantage.
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Martijn Cremers on What’s Important About Active Share

Tim Paulin of Touchstone speaks with Martijn Cremers, one of the thought leaders responsible for introducing the now widely recognized measure of active management called active share.
Active Investing
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Millennials Are Already Sold on Active Investing (They Just Don’t Know It Yet)

Millennials are an increasingly prominent force in investing, and an increasingly popular active investment strategy — focused on advancing social good — resonates with their generation.
Active Investing
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Paulin Discusses How to Better Evaluate Mutual Fund Performance With U.S. News

A statement shows performance versus a benchmark. An investor judges progress toward a goal … and determines what comes next.
In the News, Active Investing
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Seeking an Active Investment Manager? Focus on These 5 Factors

Investors don’t have to search long to find articles touting the rapid growth of "passive" index funds over the past couple of decades, usually accompanied by an indictment of active management as a whole. While the rise of indexing is factual, the indictment of active investment management could benefit from context.
Active Investing