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In the News

As the pace of events accelerates, staying informed about today’s investment landscape demands both facts and perspective. Learn what developments have Touchstone in the headlines and gain context that helps promote clarity. Check out this archive of news and views by and about Touchstone, its leadership and its sub-advisors.
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What a Biden Presidency Might Mean for the Markets

How might a change in the White House impact investors? Prevailing conditions, rather than party affiliation and campaign platforms, may offer greater insight into what a Biden presidency may portend for the markets.
In the News, Economy & Markets
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Martijn Cremers Unveils ActiveShare.info Fund Website 2.0

Notre Dame professor's free online resource makes it simple to discern whether actively managed U.S. equity funds are truly active — measuring Active Share and much more.
In the News, Active Investing
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RIA Intel: ‘Valuable Tool’ for Selecting Active Managers ‘Just Got Even Better’

Notre Dame professor Martijn Cremers’ ActiveShare.info website ‘helps advisors spot closet indexers and more,’ says industry publication.
Active Investing, In the News
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How Will We Pay for All This Stimulus?

Can the U.S. inflate its way out of its debt problem when much of its growing deficit is in fact tied to inflation? Higher debt levels seem here to stay. What are the implications for future administrations and their ability to legislate?
In the News, Economy & Markets
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Will All This Fiscal Stimulus Eventually Stoke Inflation?

Inflation could surprise on the upside, should there be a rapid return to normalcy releasing pent-up demand on a supply-constrained economy.
Economy & Markets, In the News
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A Holistic Approach to Investing in Mid-Cap Companies

Barron’s profiles Touchstone Mid Cap Fund with perspective on its investment approach and holdings from sub-advisor The London Company.
In the News, U.S. Equities
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Sands Capital Advocates for Active Management

Touchstone Sub-Advisor Sands Capital Management Foresees Continued Opportunities Amid Dynamic Environment
In the News, U.S. Equities
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Five ESG Implications from COVID-19

Rockefeller’s head of ESG investing considers the pandemic’s long-term impact on sustainable investing strategies.
In the News, ESG Investing
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Touchstone May 2020 Investment Letter

‘Red, then yellow, then green’ may signal the course of the global health crisis and its economic consequences. For now, caution marks the common direction of the markets.
Economy & Markets, In the News
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COVID-19: Impact & Implications for the Credit Markets

Richard "Crit" Thomas sizes up the landscape and surveys the horizon as the investment environment continues to evolve amid a confluence of forces.
In the News, Income Investing
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Stay Focused on the Long Term

History has demonstrated that long-term investors are best served by staying focused on their long-term strategic goals.
In the News, Economy & Markets
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Crit Thomas on Considering Coronavirus

The speed of this market decline has likely created market dislocations. Opportunities may exist for an active portfolio manager.
Economy & Markets, In the News
Coronavirus 2019-nCoV spreading

COVID-19: Addressing the Changing Backdrop for Investors

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to create uncertainty. Here are our thoughts and three rational actions for most investors to consider now depending on their situation.
Economy & Markets, In the News
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Touchstone Ultra Short Hits $1 Billion

Touchstone Ultra Short Duration Fixed Income Fund was spotlighted when Bond Fund Intelligence interviewed Brent Miller and Laura Mayfield of Fort Washington Investment Advisors.
In the News, Income Investing

Touchstone 2020 Investment Letter

While many view the strong returns of 2019 as a hurdle for 2020, experience suggests otherwise. Focus on monetary policy may hold greater insight.
In the News
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Paulin to Citywire: ESG Investing Demands ‘Active Pursuit’

Touchstone seeks long histories of both integrating ESG criteria and actively engaging company managements.
In the News, ESG Investing, Active Investing
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Now Is the Time for Actively Managed Funds, Cremers Tells WSJ

Martijn Cremers, PhD., a dean and professor of finance at the University of Notre Dame, recently made the case for active management in a Wall Street Journal article.
In the News, Active Investing
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Paulin Discusses How to Better Evaluate Mutual Fund Performance With U.S. News

A statement shows performance versus a benchmark. An investor judges progress toward a goal … and determines what comes next.
In the News, Active Investing