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Income Investing

When investing for current income, it’s key to weigh the changing composition of the risk/reward profile of different types of income-producing securities (corporate, government and municipal bonds, preferred stock, real estate investment trusts, etc.). These articles assess income investing strategies and some of the primary risks involved.
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Credit Risk Insights

Explore timely insights on credit risk. We evaluate historical data and statistical relationships to identify drivers or signals as of August 31, 2020.
Income Investing
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Interest Rate Risk Insights

Explore timely insights on interest rate risk. We evaluate historical data and statistical relationships to identify drivers or signals as of August 31, 2020.
Income Investing
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Multi-Asset Portfolio Management: Combining Prudent Investing With Timely Execution

The approach utilized for the Touchstone Balanced Fund seeks to overcome shortcomings associated with traditional balanced stock/bond portfolios while adding value through active management. Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc. the Fund’s sub-advisor discusses two proprietary tools designed to address this.
Income Investing, U.S. Equities
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Current High Yield Spreads Present Investment Opportunity

Today the high yield sector is providing historically healthy compensation in the form of the credit spread for taking on this risk. This opportunity, as with any, will not last indefinitely.
Economy & Markets, Income Investing
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COVID-19: Impact & Implications for the Credit Markets

Richard "Crit" Thomas sizes up the landscape and surveys the horizon as the investment environment continues to evolve amid a confluence of forces.
In the News, Income Investing
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Touchstone Ultra Short Hits $1 Billion

Touchstone Ultra Short Duration Fixed Income Fund was spotlighted when Bond Fund Intelligence interviewed Brent Miller and Laura Mayfield of Fort Washington Investment Advisors.
In the News, Income Investing
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U.S. Preferred Securities: Unique Characteristics From a Bramshill Perspective

As interest rates world-wide remain near all-time lows, income investors have reason to look beyond their usual areas of market concentration. Bramshill makes a case for U.S. preferred securities.
Income Investing
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Utilizing a Multi-Sector Strategy Emphasizing Structured Securities

In structuring the Touchstone Ultra Short Duration Fixed Income Fund, macroeconomic perspective helps determine duration, yield curve positioning and credit quality bias. And in seeking returns above the fund’s benchmarks, its sub-advisor relies on both strategic sector focus and bottom-up security selection.
Income Investing, Portfolio Construction