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Portfolio Construction

What goes into portfolio construction? Elements include objectives and constraints, determining asset allocation, evaluating and selecting investment options and monitoring and managing them going forward. Consider these articles to help broaden your understanding of portfolio construction.
sailboat in the sea

The Unique Positioning of Mid-Cap Investing

Investors are potentially missing out on a major portion of the market by not participating in the mid-cap arena.  Are you overlooking this opportunity?
Portfolio Construction, U.S. Equities
Drone 110 freeway

Utilizing a Multi-Sector Strategy Emphasizing Structured Securities

In structuring the Touchstone Ultra Short Duration Fixed Income Fund, macroeconomic perspective helps determine duration, yield curve positioning and credit quality bias. And in seeking returns above the fund’s benchmarks, its sub-advisor relies on both strategic sector focus and bottom-up security selection.
Income Investing, Portfolio Construction
behavioral biases

Behavioral Biases & How to Prevent Emotion From Ruining Your Retirement

Long-term wealth creation can be achieved through disciplined adherence to a well-crafted plan. But in the words of Mike Tyson, "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."
Portfolio Construction