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Distinctively Active Podcast

Welcome to the Distinctively Active Investing - Profiles & Perspectives podcast, presented by Touchstone Investments. On this show, you'll find out what makes Touchstone, its leaders, and its portfolio managers unique. We'll share in-depth interviews with the people who are actively engaged in leading and managing the Touchstone funds.

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Distinctively Active Podcast Episode 4

04 A Discussion with Ashraf Haque of Sands Capital Management

We sat down with Ashraf Haque, co-portfolio manager of Sands Capital Management’s Emerging Markets Growth Strategy to talk about his passion for the business. He discusses his conviction in portfolio concentration to build wealth over the long-term and shares what it was like to be on the front lines of developing an Emerging Markets strategy. 
Distinctively Active Podcast
Distinctively Active Podcast Episode 3

03 A Conversation with Will Muggia of Westfield Capital Management

Our guest, Will Muggia is CEO and CIO of Westfield Capital Management, a growth equity asset management boutique based in Boston. As the lone capitalist in a family of medical practitioners, Will Muggia discusses how he got his start in the business and shares Westfield’s “Growth At A Reasonable Price” philosophy.
Distinctively Active Podcast
Distinctively Active Podcast Episode 2

02 A Discussion with Martijn Cremers, PhD

Listen in to better understand the Three Pillars of active management through discussion with Martijn Cremers, Martijn J. Gillen Dean and Bernard J. Hank Professor of Finance, at the University of Notre Dame’s, Mendoza College of Business. He covers common pitfalls when applying active share and rounds out the conversation with important considerations when it comes to the hot topic of expenses.
Distinctively Active Podcast
DAI Podcast Episode 1

01 A Conversation with Steve Graziano, President Touchstone Investments

Regional Vice President, Mary Mock, interviews the president of Touchstone Investments, Steve Graziano. Mary and Steve chatted about his career and accomplishments from company headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. In this and future episodes of this podcast, we want to bring the people engaged with Touchstone to life, and Steve’s story is an ideal place to start.
Distinctively Active Podcast