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U.S. Equities

U.S. equities comprise a substantial share of the global equity market. Insights into them are essential both for the investment opportunities they represent as well as in the context of a deeper understanding of portfolio construction. Go to these articles for insights and perspective on U.S. equities.
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Growth vs. Value Equities Insights

Explore timely insights on growth vs. value. We evaluate historical data and statistical relationships to identify drivers or signals as of August 31, 2020.
U.S. Equities
asset allocation and equity risk

U.S. Equity Risk Insights

Explore timely insights on equity risk. We evaluate historical data and statistical relationships to identify drivers or signals as of August 31, 2020.
U.S. Equities
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Multi-Asset Portfolio Management: Combining Prudent Investing With Timely Execution

The approach utilized for the Touchstone Balanced Fund seeks to overcome shortcomings associated with traditional balanced stock/bond portfolios while adding value through active management. Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc. the Fund’s sub-advisor discusses two proprietary tools designed to address this.
Income Investing, U.S. Equities
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A Holistic Approach to Investing in Mid-Cap Companies

Barron’s profiles Touchstone Mid Cap Fund with perspective on its investment approach and holdings from sub-advisor The London Company.
In the News, U.S. Equities
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The Unique Positioning of Mid-Cap Investing

Investors are potentially missing out on a major portion of the market by not participating in the mid-cap arena.  Are you overlooking this opportunity?
Portfolio Construction, U.S. Equities
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Sands Capital Advocates for Active Management

Touchstone Sub-Advisor Sands Capital Management Foresees Continued Opportunities Amid Dynamic Environment
In the News, U.S. Equities
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Exploring the Benefits of Profitable Small Cap Stocks

Small cap stocks have generated attractive investment returns over the long term. The Touchstone Small Company Fund seeks to invest in profitable small cap stocks, avoiding unprofitable small cap stocks and reducing the risk levels of investing in small cap stocks.
U.S. Equities
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Uncovering Inefficiencies in Small Cap Stocks

Our latest white paper explains our belief that small cap stocks are an inefficient asset class and that the key to capitalizing upon these inefficiencies is through the application of a consistent, differentiated approach that focuses on downside risk.
U.S. Equities
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Sizing Up Small Cap Stocks

Small cap stocks have generated attractive investment returns relative to other asset classes and stock market capitalization segments over time. We offer a look at inefficiencies within the asset class and drivers of small cap returns.
U.S. Equities
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Small-Cap & Mid-Cap Stocks Require a More Selective Approach

We believe it is important that investors today take a more selective approach to small-cap and mid-cap stocks, often referred to as “SMID-cap” stocks, given elevated levels of low-quality debt.
U.S. Equities