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Active Management

Active management is grounded in the logic that for a mutual fund to have the opportunity to outperform its benchmark, it cannot mirror it. That is very difficult to do if a portfolio’s holdings largely overlap those of its benchmark. Explore articles that address active management. Aspects examined include discerning what truly distinguishes it, understanding its elements and considering its value.
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Now Is the Time for Actively Managed Funds, Cremers Tells WSJ

Martijn Cremers, PhD., a dean and professor of finance at the University of Notre Dame, recently made the case for active management in a Wall Street Journal article.
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Paulin Discusses How to Better Evaluate Mutual Fund Performance With U.S. News

A statement shows performance versus a benchmark. An investor judges progress toward a goal … and determines what comes next.
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Seeking an Active Investment Manager? Focus on These 5 Factors

Investors don’t have to search long to find articles touting the rapid growth of "passive" index funds over the past couple of decades, usually accompanied by an indictment of active management as a whole. While the rise of indexing is factual, the indictment of active investment management could benefit from context.
Active Management