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VoiceID uses your voiceprint which is a combination of your physical and behavioral voice patterns. Like a fingerprint, it’s unique to you. Not only is it secure, it is simple, because it makes your voice your password.

  • Simple — There’s nothing you need to do — we can create your voiceprint the next time you call. Once your voiceprint is created, we can quickly verify it’s you and focus on why you called.
  • Secure — Your voiceprint is digitally encrypted — and because it uses the unique combination of the physical and behavioral characteristics of your voice, VoiceID is designed to safeguard against fraudulent activities.
  • Enroll — Call us today and let us know you are interested in VoiceID. All you have to do is speak with one of our representatives and VoiceID will automatically create a unique voiceprint for you.

Enroll Today

Call us today and let us know you are interested in VoiceID. All you have to do is speak with one of our representatives and VoiceID will automatically create a unique voiceprint for you. Give us a call Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 7:00 pm EST, and our representatives will be happy to assist you with the process.