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VoiceID is a security feature that verifies you by the sound of your voice when you call us, allowing fast and secure access to your accounts. It uses your voiceprint, which is a combination of your physical and behavioral voice patterns. Like a fingerprint, it’s unique to you.

How Does VoiceID Work?

When you enroll in VoiceID, your unique and secure voiceprint is created from more than 100 different physical and behavioral characteristics such as pitch, accent, shape of your mouth and vocal tract. Once your VoiceID is created, the next time you call we can use your voice to quickly verify it’s you.

Why Should I Enroll in VoiceID?

We know that you have a lot of passwords and PINs to remember. VoiceID allows our representatives to verify you by the sound of your voice. VoiceID is a great security measure to help protect you and your accounts against fraud. You are not required to participate in VoiceID. If you elect not to participate, you will need to provide additional information about your identity and account.


There’s nothing you need to do — we can create your voiceprint the next time you call. Once your voiceprint is created, we can quickly verify it’s you and focus on why you called.


Your voiceprint is digitally encrypted — and because it uses the unique combination of the physical and behavioral characteristics of your voice, VoiceID is designed to safeguard against fraudulent activities.

Enroll Today

Call us today and let us know you are interested in VoiceID. All you have to do is speak with one of our representatives and VoiceID will automatically create a unique voiceprint for you. Give us a call Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 7:00 pm EST, and our representatives will be happy to assist you with the process.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start using VoiceID?

You can enroll by simply speaking naturally to one of our representatives and your unique voiceprint will be created. Once you enroll, you can start using VoiceID straight away.

Is VoiceID secure?

Your voiceprint is securely stored and only works for verification within our system.

What if I have a cold?

Hundreds of voice characteristics represent your voiceprint, only a few of which are affected by a cold. A health condition that severely affects your voice, such as laryngitis, will lead to a failed authentication - in this case, we will verify you by asking security questions.

What happens if it does not work?

If you ever have problems, a representative can authenticate you with security questions. If your voiceprint fails to work repeatedly, we can delete your existing voiceprint and let you enroll again.

I enrolled in VoiceID so why are you still asking multiple security questions?

There may be instances, like too much noise in the background, for us to make a positive verification using VoiceID. In that case, our representatives will ask you security questions to protect you and your accounts.

What if I don’t enroll?

VoiceID is a faster security option for speaking with a representative. If you do not enroll, you will have to continue to answer multiple security questions every time you call — even for routine inquiries.

What if I enroll in VoiceID but decide I do not want to keep it?

If you find that you don’t enjoy quick, secure account access with VoiceID we can always un-enroll your voiceprint. On future calls, you will need to speak to a representative who will ask multiple security questions before giving you any account information.

I’m concerned about privacy. I do not like the idea of you recording my voice.

Currently, all calls are being recorded for quality and training purposes. We have a comprehensive information program in place, which is subject to internal and external benchmarking and audit. The program has been designed to protect, detect, and react to threats based on industry best practices using written policies, processes and procedures. It is entirely your decision as to whether or not you use VoiceID, which seeks to protect you with the same secure measures we use for your other private information.