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The Whole Truth Podcast for Financial Professionals

Steve Seid and Kurt Dupuis, Regional Vice Presidents, explore the challenges and opportunities that financial professionals face today. With interviews from clients, subject matter experts and other industry professionals, The Whole Truth strives to be timely, actionable and concise with a promise to always leave on a high note. 

Meet the Hosts

steve seid

Steve Seid

With a diverse work background in investments and consulting, Steve is focused on being a resource to financial professionals who want to grow and improve. He specializes in strategic planning, developing operational efficiencies and execution. He is a CFA Charterholder and received an MBA from Indiana University Kelley School of Business.
kurt dupuis

Kurt Dupuis

With a background in international business development and traveling to more than 30 different countries, Kurt brings a broad and diverse view. His mission in wholesaling is not to be a product vendor, but a business partner discovering and solving the biggest problems financial professionals face today. He's a graduate of Louisiana State University and a Certified Investment Management Analyst.

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The Whole Truth Podcast Episodes

Financial professionals today are running even more complicated businesses with increasing amounts of products and technology. The way things were done 10-20 years ago just doesn't work anymore. That’s where Kurt and Steve come in.
Guest E7

07 Digital Marketing for Financial Professionals

Mark Fujiwara joins us on this episode to discuss ways that financial professionals can market their practices in the current digital landscape. Steve and Kurt ask him about podcasting, LinkedIn, and other strategies that can differentiate a practice in a crowded marketplace. They also reach into the mailbag and respond to questions submitted by listeners.
rowers on a river

06 Practice Analysis Review: Synthesizing the Data

Steve and Kurt dive into the world of PAR, or Practice Analysis Review. This review anchors a lot of what they do around practice management, so today they're going to tell you what it is, where it comes from, what are the crucial pillars of their analysis and what they do with the data.
building community with jerod morris

05 Building Community: A Conversation With Jerod Morris

Our guest today is Jerod Morris, an expert in the world of podcasting and digital marketing. Steve and Kurt's goal for this show is to build a community, and Jerod was an inspiration to them when they were first talking about starting a podcast. In addition to the discussion around building The Whole Truth, Jerod Morris, an expert in the world of podcasting and digital marketing, details several marketing concepts that financial professionals can put into practice right away.
kyoto aqueduct

04 Foundations of Service #3: Now What? How Do I Execute?

After you’ve segmented your clients and built a service matrix, how do you take action? Steve and Kurt map out the processes needed to execute on your plan, and discuss client contact ideas for real-world application.
pedestrian tunnel sm

03 Foundations of Service #2: What Is a Service Matrix?

Building on client segmentation from the last episode, Kurt and Steve introduce the idea of a service matrix - how you can service segments of clients differently. They talk about different types of client touches, including formal review, digital communication, client events and more.
steel lines under a bridge

02 Foundations of Service #1: Effective Ways to Segment Clients

What is client segmentation, and how can it work for your practice? Steve and Kurt dive into specifics, and discuss several ways to segment clients.

episode 1 the whole truth

01 Introduction to The Whole Truth: Why This Podcast?

Steve and Kurt give an overview of the podcast and an introduction to themselves. They discuss the upcoming series on client service and why it matters now.

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