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The Whole Truth Podcast for Financial Professionals

Steve Seid and Kurt Dupuis, Regional Vice Presidents, explore the challenges and opportunities that financial professionals face today. With interviews from clients, subject matter experts and other industry professionals, The Whole Truth strives to be timely, actionable and concise with a promise to always leave on a high note. 

Meet the Hosts

steve seid

Steve Seid

With a diverse work background in investments and consulting, Steve is focused on being a resource to financial professionals who want to grow and improve. He specializes in strategic planning, developing operational efficiencies and execution. He is a CFA Charterholder and received an MBA from Indiana University Kelley School of Business.
kurt dupuis

Kurt Dupuis

With a background in international business development and traveling to more than 30 different countries, Kurt brings a broad and diverse view. His mission in wholesaling is not to be a product vendor, but a business partner discovering and solving the biggest problems financial professionals face today. He's a graduate of Louisiana State University and a Certified Investment Management Analyst.

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The Whole Truth Podcast Episodes

Financial professionals today are running even more complicated businesses with increasing amounts of products and technology. The way things were done 10-20 years ago just doesn't work anymore. That’s where Kurt and Steve come in.
The Whole Truth Podcast Episode 30

30 Using Data to Solve Your Most Pressing Questions

MBA school professor, Dr. Wayne Winston, from Indiana University Kelley School of Business joins to discuss how powerful data can be in solving problems and making decisions. He shares about his work with several NBA basketball teams, is a Jeopardy winner, a published author and an expert at Microsoft Excel. This wide-ranging conversation covers everything from decision making to how you can up your Excel game.
The Whole Truth Podcast Episode 29

29 Closing the Referral Gap

Listen in for two fresh conversations about referrals, client engagement and inspiring success stories. At the 3:00 minute mark Julie Littlechild, CEO of Absolute Engagement shares insights derived from years of research and at minute marker 29:30, financial professional James Schleicher offers how his “Quest for Rejection” led to success.
The Whole Truth Podcast Episode 28

28 Touchstone Talks Top 5 Takeaways For Working With Financial Pros

This episode, opens with some tips on how to make the most of LinkedIn. Then at the 15:45 minute mark we speak with Tom Singler, a member of Touchstone’s investment specialist group, who shares with us his sage (and somewhat surprising) top five lessons he's learned from working with hundreds of advisors.
The Whole Truth Podcast Episode 27

27 Ditch Your Annual Plan

We kick off today's episode with our colleague John O'Neal, who shares insights about business planning, specifically getting out of the trap of ineffective annual planning. Then, at the 15:35 minute mark, we welcome back Daxs Stadjuhar, partner at The Network. Daxs is involved with practice management, and he's been spending a lot of time talking to his folks about effectively working remotely. Even though things are normalizing now, we know remote working in some form is here to stay.
The Whole Truth Episode 26

26 One Year Report Card With Jerod Morris

With a year of episodes under our belt The Whole Truth gets its report card from Jerod Morris (begins at the 26:30 minute mark) and he also shares insights about how to build communities with clients in Segment One. Stick around until the end for some enthusiastic college basketball banter in the Costanza Corner segment.
The Whole Truth Podcast Episode 25

25 Digital Marketing With James Pollard

At the 11:50 minute mark James Pollard, founder of The Advisor Coach, shares how to make the most of digital tools available to financial professionals. He hosts the Financial Advisor Marketing Podcast, he writes a daily email newsletter, and he explains why even LinkedIn can be a powerful resource for growing your business.
TSI Whole Truth Podcast Episode 24

24 What's Your Vision? 

Today, listen in for some tips on how to make remote working more effective. At the 14-minute mark hear Mary Mock, who returned to discuss her vision, what she has learned working in practice management and what she is working on now.
The Whole Truth Podcast Episode 23

23 Stop Asking For Referrals With Penny Phillips

On today's episode, Penny Phillips joins the show to discuss hiring, firing, managing different personality types, and multigenerational practices. She also explains why she believes you should only ask for referrals from a quarter of your clients.
The Whole Truth Podcast Episode 22

22 Critical Info You Didn’t Know You Needed About Claiming Social Security With Brian Doherty

For many financial professionals, the subject of Social Security can be complex and intimidating. The process can be complicated, and some people even worry the program may shut down before they become eligible. Luckily, our guest Brian Doherty has written a book on the subject, and he is happy to share his boundless enthusiasm and extensive knowledge, adding much-welcomed clarity on the topic.
The Whole Truth Podcast Episode 21

21 Behavioral Finance With Ben Alge

How has the pandemic changed your business? We share results of a survey to see how financial professionals have coped and thrived through a difficult time. Then, Ben Alge returns to discuss behavioral finance.
The Whole Truth Podcast Episode 20

20 11 Intriguing Business Development Ideas for Financial Professionals to Start 2021 Off Right

Tune in for our ever popular “Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down” approach, as we put Bill Diehl to the test pitching the hosts business development ideas and they turn up the heat with some of their own.
Episode 19 The Whole Truth Podcast

19 2020: A Look Back

In this special episode, we revisit some of the highlights from past guests of the show and whether you're a new or longtime listener, the wisdom from these guests is worth paying attention to and important to growing your practice in the future.
The Whole Truth Podcast Episode 18

18 Technology: Taking Back Control

Steve and Kurt discuss how to use technology to your advantage without letting it take control of your life. They share some best practices from the Center for Humane Technology and discuss their thoughts on The Social Dilemma documentary.
The Whole Truth Podcast Episode 16

16 How Many Great Ideas Can We Fit Into One Episode?

Today Steve and Kurt bring on Regional Sales Specialists Chris Fangmann and Jason Zawalich, to hear them pitch their best ideas for how to attract and hold on to clients.
The Whole Truth Podcast Episode 15

15 Time for Community Collaboration

On this episode, Steve and Kurt answer questions from The Whole Truth Community on a wide range of subjects, including when it's time to find someone to hire, what to do when time blocking isn’t working, and much more.
The Whole Truth Podcast Episode 14

14 An Introspective with Daxs Stadjuhar

Today we start things off on a fun note, sharing some of the music we listened to as kids. Then our guest Daxs Stadjuhar joins us from the LPL world to talk about his organization The Network.
The Whole Truth Podcast Episode 13

13 The Challenger Sale With Ben Alge

Today we'll discuss with our colleague Ben Alge why The Challenger Sale, authored by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson of CEB, is considered one of the most consequential academic studies on sales that has come out in a long time. Then Ben sticks around as we dive into questions from the mailbag.
The Whole Truth Podcast Episode 12

12 Growing Your Business With Maribeth Kuzmeski

Our guest, Dr. Maribeth Kuzmeski, founder and president of Red Zone Marketing reveals how she helped one client grow their practice from 10 million to 200 million in under five years using low cost niche marketing strategies. We also discuss Red Zone Marketing, some "don'ts" of marketing, and her thoughts on using second opinion marketing right now.
The Whole Truth Podcast Episode 11

11 Wealth Management from Venture Capitalist, Paul Seid

Our guest Paul Seid, a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist shares valuable lessons learned from decades of running multiple businesses in various countries. Also included in this episode: What's your niche? We explore on an article on the subject featured and give you our take and we finish with a much needed Costanza Corner.
Whole Truth 10

10 How to Execute on a Great New Idea

What can you do with that notepad full of great ideas that has been sitting in a drawer ever since you got home from your last conference? On today's episode, Steve and Kurt give specific guidance for how to execute on the ideas that have been collecting dust, so your business can move forward. Then it's time for questions from the mailbag.
TSI Whole Truth Podcast Episode 9

09 Behavioral Finance

On this episode, we dive into the fascinating world of behavioral finance and how you can apply its lessons to your business. Our guest is Dr. Daniel Crosby. He's a PhD in clinical psychology and a behavioral finance expert with Brinker Capital. Kurt and Steve ask him about his numerous books and TED talks and how behavioral finance is shaping how we think about investing and client relationships.
Whole Truth E8

08 What is Supernova?

Our guest is Mary Mock, Divisional Vice President at Touchstone Investments. Prior to this she was one of the most successful wholesalers at Touchstone Investments. Mary discusses the concept of Supernova, how it came about, the foundations of the concept, and the variety of ways a financial professionals can apply it to grow their practice.
Guest E7

07 Digital Marketing for Financial Professionals

Mark Fujiwara joins us on this episode to discuss ways that financial professionals can market their practices in the current digital landscape. Steve and Kurt ask him about podcasting, LinkedIn, and other strategies that can differentiate a practice in a crowded marketplace. They also reach into the mailbag and respond to questions submitted by listeners.
rowers on a river

06 Practice Analysis Review: Synthesizing the Data

Steve and Kurt dive into the world of PAR, or Practice Analysis Review. This review anchors a lot of what they do around practice management, so today they're going to tell you what it is, where it comes from, what are the crucial pillars of their analysis and what they do with the data.
building community with jerod morris

05 Building Community: A Conversation With Jerod Morris

Our guest today is Jerod Morris, an expert in the world of podcasting and digital marketing. Steve and Kurt's goal for this show is to build a community, and Jerod was an inspiration to them when they were first talking about starting a podcast. In addition to the discussion around building The Whole Truth, Jerod Morris, an expert in the world of podcasting and digital marketing, details several marketing concepts that financial professionals can put into practice right away.
kyoto aqueduct

04 Foundations of Service #3: Now What? How Do I Execute?

After you’ve segmented your clients and built a service matrix, how do you take action? Steve and Kurt map out the processes needed to execute on your plan, and discuss client contact ideas for real-world application.
pedestrian tunnel sm

03 Foundations of Service #2: What Is a Service Matrix?

Building on client segmentation from the last episode, Kurt and Steve introduce the idea of a service matrix - how you can service segments of clients differently. They talk about different types of client touches, including formal review, digital communication, client events and more.
steel lines under a bridge

02 Foundations of Service #1: Effective Ways to Segment Clients

What is client segmentation, and how can it work for your practice? Steve and Kurt dive into specifics, and discuss several ways to segment clients.

episode 1 the whole truth

01 Introduction to The Whole Truth: Why This Podcast?

Steve and Kurt give an overview of the podcast and an introduction to themselves. They discuss the upcoming series on client service and why it matters now.

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