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Private Equity Approach

FW Capital seeks to use a rigorous and disciplined investment process to implement its investment strategy. The process is segmented into four fundamental stages: (i) investment theme development, (ii) fund landscape assessment, (iii) fund selection, and (iv) portfolio management.
investment theme development

Investment Theme Development

  • Flexible approach to market opportunities
  • Leverage market insights
  • Limited market timing; focus on long cycle or secular trends
Fund Landscape Assessment

Fund Landscape Assessment

  • Proactive and outbound sourcing effort
  • ~20-50 funds within each sector
  • Patience to wait for the right fund
  • Continuous process - revisit and reassess
Fund Selection

Fund Selection

  • Differentiation - manager value add
  • Investment judgement
  • Alignment of interests
  • Less reliance on leverage
  • Capital preservation
  • Avoid herd mentality
Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

  • Prudent portfolio diversification and allocation
  • Seek balance across vintage year, strategy, and industry
  • Portfolio of ~25 funds over ~ 3 vintage years (7-9 funds per year)
  • Seeks to be well diversified across strategies and sectors
  • ~25% of portfolio non-U.S.; ~25% in secondaries and direct investments


Our philosophical foundation underpins a commitment to an approach that we believe can create repeatable outcomes for our limited partners.
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Our team of experienced professionals has both diverse and unique backgrounds. 
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This is a simplified representation of a complex process and steps may be modified, omitted, re-ordered, or supplemented in actual investment approach and process.