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Focused Equity Strategy

The strategy places a priority on protecting against the permanent loss of capital while seeking to outperform the Russell 3000 Index over a full market cycle. 

  • Take advantage of irrational human behavior and identify companies mispriced by the market
  • Unique investment framework directly links valuation and barriers to entry
  • Deeply resourced team of seven, including sector specialists with common investment beliefs
  • Flexibility to shift portfolio through a market cycle
  • High conviction portfolio enables alpha generation 
All Cap / High Conviction
Russell 3000
Oct. 1, 2007


The Focused Equity team believes that in order to generate long-term investment outperformance, an investor must:

  • Pay as little as possible for future value creation
  • Invest in businesses capable of generating excess returns on capital
  • invest in businesses with higher barriers to entry

This philosophy was developed based on the following four tenets of investing which have not changed over time and are embedded within the investment process:

  • The key to investing is taking advantage of irrational human behavior
    - Buy businesses priced for the late-stage of the corporate life cycle
  • Equity portfolios are over-diversified
  • Pay as little as possible for the future
    - Buy businesses which provide future value creation largely for free
  • The most important factor is the barrier to entry

Strategy Facts

As of 6/30/2021
Assets Under Management $2.9 billion
eVestment Universe U.S. All Cap Core Equity Universe
Investment Vehicles Separate Account
Mutual Fund



Jamie Wilhelm

James E. Wilhelm, Jr.

Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Manager

Career Summary
Riggs Investment Management
First Union Securities
Evergreen Funds
Salomon Smith Barney

BS - Wingate University
MBA - Johns Hopkins University

Meet James Wilhelm
Sunit Gogia

Sunit Gogia

Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Director Equity Research 

Career Summary
Tata Consultancy Services

BE - University of Mumbai
MBA - Columbia University

Meet Sunit Gogia

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