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glass half full an example of the economic outlook

2019 Midyear Update: Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Do investors see the glass half full or half empty?  Equity investors are more optimistic while bond investors are more wary of the economic outlook as explained in our midyear outlook.
is global slowdown nearly over

Is the Global Slowdown Nearly Over?

U.S. and overseas markets have rallied since the beginning of this year, as investors anticipate moderate U.S. growth and low inflation. 
conflicting market signals which view is correct

Conflicting Market Signals: Which View Is Correct?

The stock market rally in the first two months of this year has recouped most of the losses during the steep selloff late last year. 
china slowdown cyclical or secular

China Slowdown: Cyclical or Secular?

One of the challenges investors confront is to assess whether China's economic slowdown is primarily cyclical or secular.
Skiing - adapting to a high volatility world

2019 Outlook: Adapting to a High Volatility World

Following a remarkable run from November 2016 through September 2018, the U.S. stock market ended last year with the steepest quarterly decline since the 2008 Financial Crisis.
lighthouse - market signals an end to the Trump bump

Markets Signal an End to the “Trump Bump”

During this quarter, the stock market's gains for the year have been erased amid perceptions U.S. growth has peaked.
Markets after the midterms

Markets After the Midterms

After rising to a record high in September, the U.S. stock market experienced a steep sell-off in October. Recent market volatility could be a preview of what’s in store for next year.
Volatile graph - trump trade lives on

The Trump Trade Lives On

Strong economic growth and robust corporate profits propelled the U.S. stock market to a record high in the third quarter.
Wall Street subway stations

Midyear Update: Global Equity Markets at an Inflection Point

Following a strong start in January, global equity markets have retraced some of their gains while volatility has increased from record lows.

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