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Risk Management

Our clients depend on us to be here for the long haul. After decades in business, Fort Washington has integrated a strong risk management program that is at the heart of everything we do. Strong risk management is part of our DNA and foundational to our culture.

Effective Risk Management Approach

We use an approach to risk management that includes policies and procedures designed to promote effective internal controls and help mitigate the firm’s exposure to risk. Portfolios are monitored for adherence to restrictions and guidelines that are outlined in each client’s investment policy statement.

Fort Washington also maintains a Risk Management Committee that meets periodically to review, measure, and monitor areas of risk within the organization. The Committee has identified and developed certain Key Risk Indicators it reviews at each meeting. Management believes that by having a standing Committee in place whereby risk issues can be detected, discussed, and addressed proactively, the firm can better serve its clients, managing issues before they become material problems.

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Ethics & Integrity

Fort Washington operates with the highest level of integrity and honesty. Trust is a central tenet of our relationship with clients, as they must be able to depend on us. We firmly believe it is the responsibility of every individual who is part of our organization to act ethically and with integrity.

Each associate must adhere to our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Policy. Furthermore, our interactive training for associates provides real-life examples that demonstrate how the Code applies in different business situations. We also encourage associates to report misconduct or other violations. Our Human Resources department, managers and other leaders serve as resources to appropriately communicate these issues, and we also have a 24-hour hotline available through an independent third party for anonymous reporting of any allegations of misconduct. All reported violations are investigated and reviewed.

A Disciplined Audit Approach

Our parent company, Western & Southern Financial Group, utilizes an approach to internal audit that involves independent and objective assurance, as well as consulting activities to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of our organization’s risk management, control structures, and governance processes.
Risk-Based Integrated Audits
Performed using a risk-based audit model encompassing financial, systems, and management controls.
Controls Consulting
Ensure appropriate control structure design, including on significant projects such as mergers, cybersecurity, system conversions, new systems, and products.
Compliance Audits 
Confirm compliance with company policy and regulatory requirements.
Investigative Services 
Investigate and report on a wide variety of situations, from suspected fraud to ethics complaints.
Risk Modeling & Data Analytics
Assess and understand risk at scale, using state-of-the-art risk models and data mining to monitor for high-risk activities in real time.
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Managing Risk the Fort Washington Way

A comprehensive risk management framework is at the heart of our investment philosophy. This article explores the principles and the values that drive Fort Washington’s belief that the measurement of risk and return, not forecasting, should drive investment decisions.

Learn More About How We Protect Clients

We partner with our parent company, Western & Southern Financial Group, to ensure information security is a top priority.
Explore Client Protection
Digital data protection

Cybersecurity Program

To help us achieve and maintain the highest level of security, Fort Washington partners with its parent company, Western & Southern Financial Group, to uphold a comprehensive cybersecurity program that maximizes the latest technology and emphasizes associate education and awareness