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Public Equity

Led by Jamie Wilhelm, Managing Director & Head of Public Equity, Fort Washington offers a range of equity strategies that are managed with fundamental security selection that is valuation focused. 

Enhanced Dividend Equity

 Seeks a high level of current income and long-term growth of capital by investing in dividend paying, large cap equity securities
Explore Enhanced Dividend Equity

Focused Equity

Places a priority on protecting against the permanent loss of capital while seeking to outperform the Russell 3000 Index over a full market cycle
Explore Focused Equity

International Equity

Seeks to outperform the MSCI EAFE Index over a full market cycle with an emphasis on higher returns on capital, growing revenues, low debt, and attractive valuations
Explore International Equity

Large Cap Focused Equity

Places a priority on protecting against the permanent loss of capital and seeks to outperform in various phases of the market cycle
Explore Large Cap Focused Equity

Midstream Energy/MLP

Seeks to provide attractive total return and outperform the Alerian MLP Index over a full market cycle. While yield is a consideration, the portfolio is managed to maximize total return
Explore Midstream Energy/MLP

Small Company Equity

Seeks to outperform the Russell 2000 Index with enhanced downside protection and less volatility over a full market cycle
Explore Small Company Equity
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