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Insurance Asset Management

Fort Washington’s roots are in insurance asset management. We are the primary advisor to multiple insurance subsidiaries of our parent company, Western & Southern Financial Group, as well as numerous unaffiliated insurance clients in the life and P&C industries.

With over $48.1 billion1 in insurance assets under management, we offer solutions across a diverse range of market sectors in both fixed income and public equity. Our solutions range from overall broad market portfolio management to yield-enhancing strategies through various sector-specific capabilities.

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Solutions for Insurance Companies

We work with insurance companies to create customized strategies that seek to achieve optimal risk-adjusted returns while considering their unique business needs.

Helping Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) members invest advances obtained from their FHLB to improve liquidity and operating income. Learn more about the FHLB Program.

Consider client-specific guidelines and objectives

Evaluate the trade-offs between book/yield, modified total return and total return approaches

Assess gain/loss recognition

Use a proprietary risk budgeting framework

Incorporate a deep knowledge of current insurance regulations

FHLB Spread-Based Borrowing Program for Insurers document

FHLB Spread Based Borrowing Program

Investing in the Federal Home Loan Banking (FHLB) Program can help members improve liquidity and operating income.
1Assets as of 3/31/2021.