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Fixed Income

What should investors know about the potential impact of taxes, short-term interest rate changes and, the corporate credit cycle on fixed income markets? Our analysts also discuss additional topics that include customized liquidity management solutions and advantages of active management.  
slackline as an example of a tipping point

Markets Signal a Possible Tipping Point

Plunging bond yields and heightened stock market volatility have caused investors to worry. Our view is a further slowing of the economy is likely, but we do not yet see signs of recession.
Markets, Fixed Income, Equities
butterfly as an example of unloved to beloved

From Unloved to Beloved: A Mid-Year Look at Corporate Bonds

Investment grade corporates were the worst performing major asset class in May of 2018, but now they have generated strong absolute returns of more than 10% and also outperformed both equities and other fixed income sectors on a relative basis.
Fixed Income
treasury building an example of us bonds

U.S. Bond Yields Plummet

Ten-year yields currently are around 2.1%, their lowest level since mid-2017, and about 115 basis points below the high of 3.25% reached last November.
Fixed Income, Economics
ice climber an example of finding opportunity

Complementing the Core: Non-Traditional Fixed Income Opportunities

This article explains common multi-asset fixed income approaches, including Core, Core Plus, Multi-Sector, and Unconstrained fixed income strategies. A non-traditional fixed income allocation can complement Core and Core Plus strategies, act as a standalone fixed income solution for those wanting to add more portfolio risk, or serve as a substitute to equity strategies.
Fixed Income
diver an example of finding opportunity

Introduction to Flexible Income

This article discusses Fort Washington's Flexible Income Strategy, which is designed to provide investors with a high level of current income and capital protection with differentiated returns compared to traditional fixed income
Fixed Income
municipal bonds funding new construction project

Are Muni Bonds Still a Good Value in 2019?

Thus far in 2019, the municipal market has been one of the better performing sectors within the broader bond market, outperforming Treasuries and IG corporate bonds on a total return basis. 
Fixed Income
Hot air balloon over valley

Emerging Markets: Looking for Opportunity Beyond the Headlines

Over the past year, the Fed has raised short-term rates from 1% to 2% which has had a negative effect on the entire fixed income spectrum. This has been especially true within EM.
Fixed Income
desert cactus with flowers

Finding Value in 2018’s Most Unloved Sector

Within investment grade corporates, intermediate corporates — defined as 5-10 year maturities — may offer the most attractive risk-adjusted return potential.
Fixed Income
Racing bikes - why active fixed income wins over time

Why Active Fixed Income Wins Over Time

Active fixed income managers have an abundance of tools they can use to outperform their respective benchmarks, and the majority do.
Fixed Income
A pile of baseballs - a look at the credit cycle

A Look at the Credit Cycle

Consistently predicting credit cycle turns and other macro-economic data is a challenging exercise.
Fixed Income
The follies of forecastering - the storm

The Follies of Forecasting

Given the number of variables in the global economy, there is enormous uncertainty and biases in these forecasts and recognize them as not much more than glorified guesses.
Fixed Income
Customized liquidity management solutions

Customized Liquidity Management Solutions

As cash investors approached the one year anniversary of money market reform, we at Fort Washington ask, "Did you evaluate your cash management strategy?" 
Fixed Income
Impact of Harvey and Irma

Waves of Impact From Harvey & Irma

As communities begin the arduous task of assessing losses and rebuilding, we can begin to sift through the numbers to get a sense of the damage and potential impact on select financial markets.
Fixed Income