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High Yield Fixed Income Strategy

The strategy seeks to outperform over a full market cycle by protecting principal in periods of market decline while providing a stable base of income across all periods.

  • Invests in higher-quality, less volatile segments
  • Top-down manages risk, and bottom-up builds a high quality diversified portfolio
  • 24+ year track record with a focus on steady returns and principal protection
  • Consistent philosophy and low turnover among the research team
Investment Style
High Quality / Strategic
Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Corporate High Yield
Light bulb
Jul. 1, 1994


We believe that the most attractive risk-reward opportunity within the high yield market exists in the higher quality, less volatile segments. We believe that these segments can produce attractive absolute and relative returns, best achieved by:

  • Focusing on higher quality credits with lower default risk
  • Executing a consistent repeatable process
  • Emphasizing risk control via rigorous portfolio analysis, diversification/position limits, and proactive selling

Strategy Facts

As of 12/31/2018

 Assets Under Management (AUM) $3.9 billion
 eVestment Universe U.S. High Yield Fixed Income
 Investment Vehicles Separate Account
Mutual Fund
Also offered as a private fund

Portfolio Construction

  • Invests primarily in high yield bonds
  • Focus on higher quality credits exhibiting lower default risk and mature sectors
  • De-emphasize sectors with unfavorable risk-return relationships
  • Avoid purchasing securities rated CCC or below


Garrick Bauer

Garrick T. Bauer, CFA

Vice President, Portfolio Manager

Career Summary
Wellington Management Company
Summit Investment Partners

BS - Miami University
MBA - University of Virginia

Meet Garrick Bauer
Timothy Jossart

Timothy J. Jossart, CFA

Vice President, Portfolio Manager

Career Summary
Star Bank
PNC Bank

BBA - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Meet Timothy Jossart


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