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boxing ring an example of us china trade conflict

Round #3 of the U.S.-China Trade Conflict

The tariff hikes announced this month is the third round of the trade war that began last year. 
Shipping containers with US and China flags

U.S. – China Showdown: A Key Test for U.S. Trade Policy

U.S. trade policy now appears headed for a showdown with China, as the administration is set to announce duties on an additional $200 billion of Chinese imports.
Assessing the economic impact

Assessing the Economic Impact of Deregulation

One of the most controversial issues in public policy relates to the role of government regulation of the economy.
Flags of our countries - does foreign policy matter

Does Foreign Policy Matter to Markets?

Two developments, the G-7 meeting in Canada and the historic summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, have dominated the news in recent days. Yet, global markets have not reacted to either development.
Shipping container - US China trade conflict

U.S. – China Trade Conflict: What’s At Stake?

Following unusual calm in 2017, market volatility has increased this year primarily for two reasons. 
treasury department

Assessing Treasury Yields: The Shape of Things to Come

The Treasury bond market has come under scrutiny as the 10-year yield pierced 3% last week, while the yield curve has flattened considerably over the past year.
factory line US trade policy in flux

U.S. Trade Policy in Flux

Trade policy issues have moved front and center in the wake of President Trump’s announcement to impose duties on imports of steel and aluminum.
US trade policy and the dollar

U.S. Trade Policy & the Dollar

The U.S. dollar has come under pressure this year after steadying in late 2017, even though economic data have been supportive and the Fed is expected to raise interest rates several times.
What's down on inflation

What’s Down on Inflation?

Inflation continues to be elusive even as growth in the economy, domestic and global, marches towards normalization.

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