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Major policy changes, political events, global economic developments and emerging market trends can create implications for investment opportunities across sectors. Our analyses on equities offer perspectives to help you get a better pulse on the market.
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COVID-19 Update From Our Equity Managers

The coronavirus situation continues to evolve rapidly, and the full impact of the virus is unknowable at this point. Odds are high that volatility will continue, and our equity managers break down what this means for Fort Washington’s equity strategies. 
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Sizing Up Small Cap Stocks

Small cap stocks have generated attractive investment returns relative to other asset classes and stock market capitalization segments over time. We offer a look at inefficiencies within the asset class and drivers of small cap returns. 
slackline as an example of a tipping point

Markets Signal a Possible Tipping Point

Plunging bond yields and heightened stock market volatility have caused investors to worry. Our view is a further slowing of the economy is likely, but we do not yet see signs of recession.
Markets, Fixed Income, Equities
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FERC Strikes Again & Pandora's Box Was Already Opened

In July, FERC offered up another surprise to the MLP market, after already causing turmoil in March when, during market hours, they announced a major policy change.
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Dividend Trap or Compelling Total Return Opportunities?

Late in November of 2014, OPEC started what has become a prolonged battle for market share — a process that has been anything but predictable.
FANG in value portfolio

FANG in a Value Portfolio?

It is important that value investors consider high quality companies with growth prospects that are protected by barriers to entry.