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Private Equity Philosophy

FW Capital employs a flexible and high-conviction approach to investing, emphasizing small market opportunities. Due to the size of the funds that we manage, FW Capital has the flexibility to target what we consider “best-in-class” opportunities in private equity.

We seek to make 7-10 private equity commitments across all sectors in a given year, which lends to our high-conviction approach to investing.1

Small Market Investment strategy chart showing publicly traded companies, private companies and companies with 100+ employees

Small Market Investment Strategy

  • Difficult to identify/access 
  • Inefficient market opportunities 
  • Fundamentals-driven value add 
  • Enhanced alignment 
  • Emphasis on liquidity and capital preservation 
High conviction portfolio management showing vintage year, stage, geography and sector

High-Conviction Portfolio Management

  • Balance across key diversifiers 
  • Size investments to “count” 
  • Foster competition for best ideas
  • Maintain discipline to walk away
  • Execute opportunistic portfolio sales 
FW Capital Value Add showing primaries, secondaries and co-investments

FW Capital Value Add

  • FW Capital utilizes its network, manager underwriting, and transactional experience to invest in primaries, secondaries, and co-investments
  • Network of manager and intermediary relationships 
  • Manager underwriting capability 
  • Company-level analysis 
  • Transaction experience 


FW Capital seeks to use a rigorous and disciplined investment process to implement its investment strategy.
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Our team of experienced professionals has both diverse and unique backgrounds. 
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1There is no guarantee that future funds will have a similar construction of commitments.