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Securitized Fixed Income

Fort Washington Securitized Total Return | Inception 1/1/2005

Fort Washington Structured Opportunities | Inception 10/1/2011

Interested in learning more about the potential benefits of Securitized Fixed Income?
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Why Securitized Fixed Income

Fort Washington believes that active management is the key factor to successfully navigating this complex and inefficient marketplace. Potential benefits of an allocation to Securitized Fixed Income may include: 

  • Efficient Income
    Higher income may be attainable with less risk from this under-utilized asset class
  • Less Sensitivity to Rising Rates & Inflation
    Actively managed portfolios can be structured with shorter-duration, investment grade securities
  • Diversification
    Correlation of returns have historically provided diversification to portfolios

Fort Washington Securitized Fixed Income Solutions

Structured Opportunities

Emphasizes moderate to higher risk opportunities within securitized products.

  • Emphasize non-index securities
  • Invest across capital structure with emphasis on higher yielding opportunities
Structured Opportunities Fact Sheet

Securitized Total Return

Emphasizes moderate risk opportunities in non-index sectors.

  • Emphasize non-index, investment grade securities
  • Focus on income component of return
Securitized Total Return Fact Sheet
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Why Fort Washington?

Relative value opportunities exist in the Securitized Fixed Income space, but can be difficult to find. We believe active managers with a focus on fundamental research may be able to identify securities priced below their intrinsic value. 

We believe the best approach to this asset class is: 

  • A focus on moderate to higher risk/return opportunities within securitized products
  • Maintaining high spread/short spread duration portfolios to reduce volatility
  • Having longer holding periods to enable realization of yield advantages

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