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How would you evaluate your knowledge about investing? Take a deeper dive into investing by reviewing our articles that discuss a variety of topics, including college savings, mutual funds, stocks, portfolio diversification, IRAs, estate planning and more.
A retired couple on a boat feeling confident about their finances and different types of investments

Understanding Different Types of Investments

Different types of investments include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs, each offering unique characteristics and potential risks and returns.
College students need to be aware of 529 plan myths.

529 Plan Myths: 6 Common Misconceptions Debunked

Common 529 plan myths include that the money can only go toward college tuition, families must contribute a certain amount, gift tax doesn't apply, there are no contribution limits, account ownership doesn't matter, and families can only open an account in their state of residence.
An older couple sits with their grandchild to discuss how grandparents can contribute to 529 plans.

How Grandparents Can Contribute to 529 Plans

Grandparents can support their grandchildren's education by opening their own 529 college savings accounts or contributing to parent-owned accounts, but should be aware of gift tax limits and the potential impact on financial aid when making contributions.
A mature couple spends time outdoors and happily discusses how to invest during recession

How to Invest During a Recession

If you're curious about how to invest during a recession, it's wise to think about your investing goals first, then consider the economic conditions.
financial advisor explains the impact of inflation on savings and investments to a young couple

The Impact of Inflation on Your Savings & Investments

Inflation reduces the purchasing power of cash savings over time and can erode fixed investment returns, so it's important to hold some assets like stocks that may appreciate with inflation.
A young, smiling professional opening an investment account on her laptop

What to Know About Opening an Investment Account

When opening an investment account, you should understand the different types of accounts and their tax treatment, as well as research firms and fees to find one that aligns with your financial goals. You may want to consult a financial professional for guidance on selecting the right account type and provider for your needs.
A young woman reviews her finances and asks, "What is a target date fund?"

What Is a Target Date Fund?

A target date fund is an investment fund that automatically adjusts its asset allocation to become more conservative as the target date approaches.
A senior couple meets with a financial professional and asks, "What are financial assets?"

What Are Financial Assets?

Financial assets are contractual assets that derive their value from ownership claims. Examples of financial assets include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cash, checking/savings accounts, and certificates of deposit.
A father plays with his son after learning 529 plan rules and establishing a savings plan

5 529 Plan Rules to Know

529 plans can help you save money for education expenses, but there are some rules to know.
A couple reviews their investing options and asks what is asset allocation?

What Is Asset Allocation?

Asset allocation is the foundation of investment portfolio construction. When choosing your investments, you'll choose an appropriate mix of assets.
Friends on the beach discuss how to invest in your 20s

How to Start Investing in Your 20's

To start investing in your 20s, begin by setting aside a portion of your earnings regularly into an age-appropriate diversified portfolio, consider tax-advantaged accounts like 401(k)s and IRAs, and automate contributions for consistency and long-term growth.
Middle Aged Man Researching Mutual Funds

What Are the Different Types of Mutual Funds?

Knowing the basic types of mutual funds and how they are categorized may help you decide the specific types to invest in.
Students sit together on a campus lawn discussing how they saved for their college expenses

8 College Expenses to Consider

On top of tuition, there are several other common college expenses to consider when saving.
A woman researches how compound interest works on her laptop.

How Does Compound Interest Work?

Compound interest can help grow your retirement savings. Here's some information on how it works.
Family hugging on the couch after parents discussed long-term investments vs. short-term investments

Long-Term Investments vs. Short-Term Investments: What's the Difference?

Not every investing strategy will suit every set of goals, and it may be helpful to know the difference between short- and long-term investments. 
Older man reading on a park bench about hybrid mutual funds

What Is a Hybrid Mutual Fund?

A hybrid mutual fund can offer more diversification than some other investment types.
Older couple on laptop laughing and reading about why stocks split

What Is a Stock Split?

When one share becomes two shares or three shares, do you know what that means for your investment? 
A couple sitting on the couch learning about investing 101

Investing 101: How Does Investing Work?

This guide covers investing basics, including the most common types of investments, tax rules and potential risks.
Two young men studying abroad fund their education with a 529 college savings plan

Using a 529 College Savings Plan to Study Abroad

You can pay for some costs of studying abroad with your 529 college savings plan.
With teens heading off to college, parents may wonder, does a 529 plan affect financial aid

Does a 529 Plan Affect Financial Aid?

Many students rely on financial aid to get through college, so you may want to know how a 529 plan can impact financial aid.
Grandmother baking with her granddaughter after researching who can contribute to a 529 plan

Who Can Contribute to a 529 Plan?

Anyone can contribute to a 529 college savings plan, even if they are not the account owner. This allows grandparents, relatives, friends, and others to gift money to a child's college fund.
mature couple receives investment education from financial advisor and learns about investment myths

5 Common Investment Myths Debunked

Diversification, calculated risks, small investments, and multiple retirement options debunk common investment myths about needing lots of money, performance guarantees, 401(k) exclusivity, gambling, and individual stocks.
Woman researching mutual fund terms on a computer

9 Mutual Fund Terms Defined

If you're new to the world of mutual funds, you may want to understand these terms.
businessman sits outside office and checks performance of mutual funds vs. stocks in newspaper

Mutual Funds vs. Stocks: Which to Choose?

While stocks can make up a mutual fund, the two are not the same thing. So what's the difference between them, and why does it matter?
A couple sitting on the couch and researching how to pick a mutual fund

How to Pick a Mutual Fund: 5 Considerations for Your Next Investment

No mutual fund will be a good fit for everyone, but a few key factors may help you make the right decision.
Younger African American woman researching ways to invest with little money

4 Ways to Consider Investing With Little Money

Four ways to start investing with little money are 401(k)s if offered by your employer, IRAs which allow annual contributions up to $7,000, taxable investment accounts that offer flexibility, and savings accounts that provide FDIC insurance.
Asian couple riding bikes and discussing 401(k) loan vs. hardship withdrawal

401(k) Loan vs. Hardship Withdrawal: What Are the Financial Implications?

Some 401(k) plans allow you to withdraw money early under certain circumstances, but understanding the impact on your finances is important. 
A happy couple consulting a financial professional about how bonds work

How Do Bonds Work

Bonds can be a standard component of a diversified portfolio. Here are the basics of different kinds of bonds and how they work.
young couple meets with financial representative at home to learn how mutual funds work as investments

How Do Mutual Funds Work?

Mutual funds aren't complicated. Learn all about mutual funds here and explore how they could help supplement your retirement savings — and help with diversification.
Person researching investment skills at home

5 Ways to Help Grow Your Investment Skills

Does the idea of learning about investing feel overwhelming? Here are some ways to potentially help you build your investment skills.
Happy couple walking in countryside on sunny day and chatting about investment terms for beginners

Investment Terms for Beginners

Learning investment terms is essential for navigating the world of finance and making informed investment decisions, enabling individuals to understand and participate in the complex realm of stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments with confidence.
Twentysomething man sitting with laptop in sunny coffee shop, thinking about investing after college

Investing After College: What Are Your Options?

What are your biggest financial to-dos after college? Paying off student loans? Saving money? Those are important, but what about investing?
parents play with their kids on the couch and discuss what it means to buy term and invest the difference

What Does It Mean to Buy Term & Invest the Difference?

Buying term and investing the difference means purchasing affordable term life insurance and investing the saved premium amount in other financial instruments to potentially grow wealth over time.
middle-aged couple drinks coffee and reads newspaper as they discuss their portfolio diversification

What is a Diversified Portfolio?

As the saying goes, don't put all your eggs in one basket. But could this also be true for investing? Portfolio diversification could help you manage risk and reach your financial goals.