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Safe, Reliable & Convenient Ways to Pay Your Premium 

It's your choice. Our flexible automated payment options make paying your bill easier than ever.

Giving You Freedom & Flexibility in How & When You Make a Payment

Our automated payment options give you the freedom to pay your premiums how and when you want, at no additional charge. Using a credit/debit card or checking/savings account, you can choose to make a one-time payment or set up automatic recurring payments. These green ways of paying your bill are better for the environment and save you money by eliminating postage and checks. Plus, you always have the flexibility to change your option or cancel it at any time.

Pay Now: One-Time Payment

With One-Time Payment, you can pay multiple policy premiums in one session using a credit/debit card1 (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) or by authorizing a withdrawal from your checking/savings account. You can make one payment and apply the funds to multiple policies or loans at the same time. However, your payment will be processed as a separate transaction for each policy. You can pay online or by phone at 877-367-9734. Be sure to have your policy number and credit/debit card or bank account information on hand before you call.

If you have dividends credited toward your premium amount due, the dividend credit will not be reflected if you choose to pay online. To process a payment including your dividend credit amount, please contact our Call Center at 877-367-9734 for assistance with this transaction.

Recurring Payments: Checking/Savings

Recurring payments from your checking or savings account are a safe, reliable way to pay bills, and no check will ever get lost in the mail. By setting up regular automatic withdrawals from your checking or savings account, you will enjoy greater peace of mind knowing your premium is always paid on time. And you can change or cancel your recurring payment whenever you decide. Your benefits include:

  • Saving as much as 10 percent on your premiums2
  • Choosing your payment interval (monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually) and payment date
  • No setup fees

Sign up through My Accounts to set up recurring payments using your checking/savings account. (Prior to enrollment, please read our Terms and Conditions.)

Recurring Payments: Credit/Debit Card

You also can set up automatic charges to your credit/debit card using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. To set up recurring credit/debit card payments, please call our Call Center at 877-367-9734. There are no setup fees, and you still can choose your payment interval and payment date.

Give us a call 877-367-9734 877-367-9734

1Annuity payments may not be paid with credit/debit card; however, you can authorize automatic checking/savings withdrawal for annuity payments. Weekly Premium policies are not eligible for payment via One-Time Payment.

2Not all policyholders are eligible for discounts. Certain conditions apply, including the policy or plan type you may own. Contact your local office or our Call Center at 877-367-9734 to learn whether you qualify.