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Your Personal Guide Through Our Claims Process

We're so sorry for your loss. The death of a loved one changes everything. Your life and the lives of your family members will never be the same. We understand the depth of your loss and the sadness you are experiencing and extend our deepest condolences to you and your family. Our hearts are with you.

Now is a time to focus on your grief, connect with family and friends and find the emotional support that you need. Dealing with an insurance claim may feel overwhelming at this point, which is why we want to make the process as clear, efficient and stress-free as we can. Our goal is to help you understand what to expect as you move through the claim process so you can spend your time and energy on what matters most right now.

File a Claim Easily & Conveniently

Our Claims Administration Team is ready to assist you with filing a claim on your policy for life insurance, accident insurance or critical illness insurance. We are here for you during this difficult time and look forward to processing your claim as quickly as possible. 

File a Claim by Phone

You can begin the claim process by speaking directly with a Claims Administration Representative during regular business hours. They will walk you through the process and answer any questions you have. 

File a Claim Request Online

You can begin the claim process by filling out this claim request form. After you complete this request, we will reach out to you to discuss next steps.
Claim request form

Here's What You Can Expect

step one

File a Claim

If you call us to file the claim, we will begin the process immediately. If you file a claim request online, we will be in contact with you soon to obtain the information needed to initiate the claim. All necessary claim forms will be sent to you.
step two

Complete & Submit Claim Forms

Once you receive the claim forms, complete and submit them back to us. For most cases, we will need some additional information. We usually just need the death certificate, but we could require other documentation depending on your specific situation. If we need more information, we will contact you.
step three

Evaluate Claim & Receive Funds

When we receive your forms, the review process will begin. We analyze each claim individually with regard given to the facts submitted, the specific policy provisions and any applicable state and federal laws. Once your benefits are approved, we will mail your benefit payment.

Helpful Terms for You to Know

  • Beneficiary: The person or entity (e.g., a charitable organization) named by the insured to receive the death benefit from a life insurance policy upon the insured person’s death. 
  • Death Benefit: A monetary payment made to the beneficiary of a life insurance policy upon the insured’s death.
  • Claim: A request to initiate processing of the death benefit payment for a life insurance policy to its beneficiary.

What Questions Can We Answer for You?

If you have any questions about your claim or where it stands in the process, please contact us at 800-926-1315 to speak with one of our Claims Administration Representatives during our regular business hours.

Business Hours

 MONDAY - THURSDAY:  8:00 AM - 10:00 PM ET
 FRIDAY:   8:00 AM - 6:00 PM ET
 SATURDAY:   9:00 AM - 1:00 PM ET

Mailing Address

The Western and Southern Life Insurance Company
Claims Department
P. O. Box 1399
Cincinnati, OH 45273-9425