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Build Your Financial Dreams of Tomorrow by Making Informed Investment Choices Today 

Grow Your Wealth Through Investments by Balancing Risk & Reward

Planning to start a family soon? Interested in funding your child's college education? Dreaming of an early retirement? Whether you are just starting to plan out your financial security or want to build upon your success, investments may help you reach your financial goals. Investing gives you the potential of having higher long-term returns by taking some risk with the money that you have available for saving. Investing usually involves buying stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other types of financial instruments.

Types of Investments

Mutual Funds

Pools of stocks, bonds and other assets in which you and investors with similar goals invest your money
Explore Mutual Funds

Individual Retirement Accounts

Special types of savings accounts with powerful tax advantages designed to help you invest for retirement

Explore IRAs

529 College Savings Plan

A tax-advantaged way for you to save for higher education for your loved ones


Take the Next Step to Help Ensure Your Peace of Mind


Learn More About Investments

Start with these educational articles to help empower you to make more informed decisions about your financial future. 
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Could a Diversified Portfolio Help You Reach Your Financial Goals?

As the saying goes, don't put all your eggs in one basket. But could this also be true for investing? Portfolio diversification could help you manage risk and reach your financial goals.
Financial Rep discussing inflation with clients

What's the Impact of Inflation on Your Savings & Investments?

Understanding how market forces can influence your assets is the first step toward protecting yourself against potential adverse effects. 
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Are You Using the Benefits of Compounding Interest?

Compounding interest could help you reach your financial goals. Find out how it works and explore the benefits of long-term saving. 

Explore Investments in More Depth

How to Roll Over a 401k to a New Employer

A new job usually comes with a new retirement plan. So what can you do with the old one?

What Is a Pension & How Does It Work?

Will a pension plan be part of your retirement future? Learn more about how these retirement accounts work and explore their benefits. 

Have You Considered Investing After Retirement?

Investing after retirement can be a tricky balancing act. Explore the whys and hows of investing in your golden years. 

5 Common Investment Myths Debunked

Do you need to be a millionaire to invest? Is investing equivalent to pulling the lever on a slot machine? We're here to debunk these myths and more.

Why Investments From Western & Southern?

As you take more risk to earn potentially greater returns with your investments, you want to partner with a company known for its financial stability. With solid financial ratings and a heritage of 130 years of financial strength, Western & Southern is one of the strongest life insurance groups in the world. We’re here to help you make informed investment choices.
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