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When Life Happens, We Can Help Your Family Feel More Prepared 

Accidental Death Insurance Can Help Provide a Safety Net If & When Your Family Needs It

You never know when or why an accident happens, but since they do occur, wouldn't it be comforting to know your family would be more financially prepared for one? Accidental death insurance can offer you that peace of mind. If an accident were to happen, to you or your family, you would know there would be measures in place to protect your loved ones against the financial consequences of death resulting from accidental injuries.

Our accidental death insurance can help protect your family from financial losses caused by your accidental death, as defined in the policy. We offer you flexible coverage options, providing you with a reassuring companion to your life insurance policy.

Family Accident Plan: Helping You Prepare for "What If?"

The Family Accident Plan helps insure your family against the financial consequences of death resulting from accidental injuries in one convenient plan. Issued by The Western and Southern Life Insurance Company, the Family Accident Plan offers you worldwide protection.

The Family Accident Plan offers seven coverage options in amounts from $10,000 for children to $150,000 for adults. There is also flexibility within the plan to change from one type of coverage to another as your needs change. The policy pays additional benefits for accidents involving a public conveyance or an intoxicated driver. Coverage is available between the ages of 0 to 55. And, if no accidental death occurs by the policy anniversary that the insured reaches age 65, the premium payments are fully refundable.

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Learn More About Accidental Death Insurance

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What Is Accidental Death Insurance?

How would your loved ones cope if something unexpected were to happen to you? Learn more about accidental death insurance — and how it could help. 
If you're looking for additional insurance, accidental death insurance could be a good option for your needs.

What Does Accidental Death Insurance Cover?

No one knows what the future holds, but it could help to be prepared for anything. Accidental death insurance could help.
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What's the Difference Between Accidental Death Insurance & Life Insurance?

Life insurance and accidental death insurance might sound similar, but they're meant to serve different needs — here's how they could fit with yours.

Why Accidental Death Insurance From Western & Southern?

Western & Southern has a heritage of helping people just like you prepare for life’s uncertainties for the past 130 years. No one can predict when or why accidents occur, but we’re here to help you and your family feel more financially prepared. As one of the strongest life insurance groups in the world, Western & Southern is committed to your future financial security.
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Accidental Death Policy series 0306-91. Product and feature availability, as well as benefit provisions, may vary by state.

Payment of benefits is the obligation of, and is guaranteed by The Western and Southern Life Insurance Company. Products are backed by the full financial strength of the issuing company.

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