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Putting Our Customers First

At Western & Southern, we put the heart of our customer at the heart of our business. That means we lead with the interest of our customers – be they policyholders, clients, distributors or independent producers. It requires us to meet our customers where they are, whether online or in person.

Our Customer Promise

Our promise is three-fold: we vow to make it easy to do business with us, add proactive value beyond great products and solutions, and create “magical moments” for the customers we have the privilege to serve.
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Heart of the Customer®

Deepening our understanding of our customers is central to our ability to make lifelong meaningful connections and experiences that our customers and distributors expect and deserve. Our Heart of the Customer program focuses on listening to our customers, understanding their changing needs, and applying those insights to improve our customers’ experiences and help us better serve their financial needs.

Our Governance

Deeply rooted in Western & Southern’s history is our commitment to honesty and compliance with the law as well as a sincere dedication to treating people with dignity and respect.
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Ethics & Integrity

Trust is a central tenet of our relationship with our policyholders and clients — they must be able to depend on us to do the right thing. We firmly believe it is a responsibility of every single individual who is part of our organization.

Each associate must adhere to our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Policy, which serves as a guide to remind us what it means to do the right thing. Our interactive training provides real-life examples that demonstrate how the Code applies in different business situations.

Enterprise Risk Management

In 2022, for the second consecutive year, A.M. Best, a leading credit rating agency in our industry, recognized our robust and comprehensive risk management strategy with its highest Enterprise Risk Management Score (Very Strong), which places us among a small group of best-in-class life insurance companies.

Disciplined Audit Approach

Our approach to internal audit involves independent and objective assurance as well as consulting activities to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of our organization’s risk management, control structures and governance processes.

Privacy & Information Security

Safeguarding nonpublic information is a critical component of our promise to our customers, policyholders and ourselves.
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In our tech-driven world, cybersecurity is essential. To help us achieve and maintain the highest level of security, we have developed a comprehensive cybersecurity program that maximizes the latest technology and emphasizes associate education.

Our cybersecurity program includes a set of policies, processes and controls based upon the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework and ongoing risk assessments.

Explore Our Corporate Responsibility Report

Cover page of the 2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Want the Full Report?

Our Corporate Responsibility Report focuses on our relationship of responsibility to you and the communities we serve. Accomplishing our mission relies on key practices and policies designed to leave a positive impact on you, our communities and the world.