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Individual Retirement Account Basics

Whether you’re just beginning to learn about individual retirement accounts, or want to increase your knowledge, this guide is for you.

Is There a Right Age for Opening an IRA?

When it comes to IRAs, it's almost never too early to open one. Here's how IRAs can be a good fit for different life stages.

Roth IRA vs Traditional IRA

Learn the key differences between a Roth IRA and traditional IRA that investors should know before choosing a retirement account.

401(k) vs IRA

Find out how a 401(k) compares to an IRA? Knowing the difference between the two is an important part of preparing for retirement.

Types of IRA Accounts

IRAs an offer a great way to boost your retirement contributions while getting some potential tax advantages along the way.

What Is a Roth IRA?

A beginner's guide to Roth individual retirement accounts (IRAs). We look at the basics, benefits and rules for managing them.

What is a Traditional IRA?

A beginner's guide to traditional IRAs. Learn how these retirement plans work, what the benefits are, and rules you need to know.

When Could a 401(k) Rollover to IRA Make Sense?

Do you still have a 401(k) from an old job? You might want to consider a rollover IRA to manage your retirement savings.

What Is a Custodial IRA?

A custodial IRA, or a custodial Roth IRA, could help set your children or grandchildren on a path to financial security at an early age.

What Is a Spousal IRA?

Learn how a nonworking spouse can still save for his or her own retirement with an individual retirement account.

IRA Contribution Limits

The IRS increased the annual IRA contribution limit to $6,000 for 2022, meaning investing in an IRA may be more beneficial than ever.

What to Do if You Inherit an IRA

Do you know how to handle assets if you inherit an IRA? The rules can be a bit complicated, so here's what to consider.

Inherited IRA Rules

Learn more about the rules for inheriting an IRA.

How a New 10-Year Rule Could Affect Your Inherited IRA

"Stretch IRAs" are now a thing of the past due to a new 10-year rule that affects non-spousal beneficiaries of an inherited IRA.

7 Common IRA Terms to Understand

An IRA can be a vital tool for retirement planning, yet the terms can be confusing. Here's are some terms to know.

How Many IRAs Can You Have?

Learn about the rules to figure out if you can have multiple IRAs at the same time. 

Leaving an IRA Inheritance

An IRA can be a vital tool for retirement planning, yet the terms can be confusing. Here's are some terms to know.

Can You Use Your IRA to Buy Your First Home?

Here's an overview of what to consider before using your IRA to buy your first home.

Can I Contribute to a 401(k) & an IRA?

If you qualify for making contributions to a 401(k) and an IRA, it may be beneficial to save and invest in both.

SEP IRA vs Simple IRA

The right employee benefits can help attract (and keep) top performers. Learn about SEP and SIMPLE IRAs here.

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