Retirement Income Planning

Generally, one of the primary focuses before retirement is saving money. The hope is to build your retirement savings to help you live a comfortable lifestyle during your golden years.

As you get closer to retiring, planning how you'll turn your savings into income is an important step. You'll likely want to take all your potential sources of income into consideration as you make a plan.

Here are some details you may want to think through as you start your retirement income planning.

A Guide to Retirement Income Planning

As you get closer to retirement, it's important to think about how you'll turn your savings into income. Learn more details you may want to think through as you start your retirement income planning.

How Long Will My Retirement Savings Last?

Our free calculator can help you evaluate how many years your retirement savings can supplement your sources of fixed income (like Social Security) before your funds are depleted.

Generating Income in Retirement

Life's costs don't stop after you stop working full time. Consider these potential options for generating income in retirement.

How to Make Money in Retirement

There are plenty of good reasons to learn how to make money in retirement — whether to supplement your savings or just to stay active. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Working After Retirement

Are you thinking of working after retirement? Here are financial considerations you may want to consider before jumping back into the workforce.

7 Retirement Hobbies That Make Money

Whether you just want to stay engaged or are looking for retirement hobbies that make money to supplement your income, here are some interesting side hustles to consider.

Retirement Withdrawal Calculator

Are you near retirement and wondering how much you can afford to withdraw each month? Use our free retirement withdrawal calculator to evaluate your plan.

Retirement Cost of Living Calculator

Estimating your future living expenses in retirement now can help you plan your saving strategies. Use our calculator to compare your current income, expenses and cash flow to your projections at retirement.

4 Social Security Myths Debunked

Because social security is an important and much discussed topic you may here some incorrect information mixed in with the good.

A Quick Guide to Social Security Benefits After Divorce

Marriage ending in divorce can introduce financial issues on top of the emotional. Find out how Social Security works following divorce.

Alternatives to Social Security to Help Boost Your Retirement Income

Funding your retirement may depend on multiple sources of income if Social Security doesn't cover all your needs. Here are some alternatives.

How to Potentially Increase Social Security Benefits After Retirement

The amount of Social Security benefits a person receives varies. Learn how you may be able to increase your benefits after retiring.

Married Couples With Social Security Benefits: What to Consider

When married and planning for retirement it's important to consider how each person's Social Security benefits will affect finances.

How Does Early Retirement Affect Social Security?

If you're planning to retire early here is what you need to know about how that will affect your Social Security.

What Is Social Security COLA?

Does Social Security increase with inflation? Learn the answer to this and more when it comes to the cost of living adjustment.

When Can You Collect Social Security Retirement Benefits?

You may wonder at what age you can begin collecting benefits. This guide can help you makes plans so you can enjoy a smooth transition.

How Can I Create a Lifetime Income?

Learn about the potential sources of lifetime income the can help improve a relaxing retirement.

Retirement Withdrawal Strategies

Learn about the different retirement withdrawal strategies that could help make your retirement savings last.

Asset Allocation in Retirement

Learn how your assets are allocated can align to your financial needs and goals in retirement.

Have You Considered Investing After Retirement?

Here is what you could consider when thinking about investing after retirement. 

How to Invest in Retirement Strategically

Learn strategic ways on how you can invest in retirement to help you with your financial goals. 

Social Security Benefits: How to Maximize a Crucial Part of Your Retirement Finances

Learn how you can boost your social security as cost of living goes up.

4 Steps You May Want to Consider When Planning Your Retirement Income

Establishing sources of income, estimating expenses and managing your assets are at the center of a successful income plan. Learn ways you may want to consider when planning your retirement.

Can I Protect Retirement Savings From Creditors?

Legislation protecting retirement savings from creditors can vary from state to state. Learn more about creditors and handling your retirement savings.

What Is Your Full Retirement Age for Social Security?

Knowing the full retirement age for Social Security is essential for retirement planning. Learn more. 

How Social Security Disability Insurance Works

Purchasing a policy for disability insurance benefits is a wise move due to restrictions on when and how much it will pay. Learn how it works.

Understanding Substantially Equal Periodic Payments (SEPP)

Tax rules help retirement savings, but pre-tax accounts have strings if you retire young and want distributions pre-59 1⁄2. Learn more about what SEPP are and how they might be an option for you.

Does Social Security Increase With Inflation?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. The program's annual COLA is determined by inflation, with the next increase coming soon. Learn more about why it increases and what COLA is.

What Are Delayed Retirement Credits?

Delayed retirement credits increase Social Security benefits for each month past full retirement age up to age 70. Learn more about what they are and how you can use them.

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