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How to Save for Retirement

It's never too early or too late to start saving for retirement. There are certain considerations, such as choosing the right retirement account types and knowing approximately what percentage of your income to save for your age, that can help you be successful.

The primary reason to save for retirement is to help provide financial security later in life. Unless you expect to win the lottery or inherit millions of dollars, you'll need sufficient savings to pay living expenses during retirement.

It's possible you may have sources of income in retirement, such as Social Security, pensions or part-time work, but these may not be sufficient to meet your entire income needs.

If you're looking for more information on how to save for retirement, here's what to keep in mind.

Average Retirement Savings by Age

Many retirees worry that they won't have enough in retirement. Take a look at the average retirement savings by age and see how your savings match up.

How to Start Saving for Retirement at 50 & Beyond

Need to catch up on your retirement savings (and catch up fast)? Here are some ways to get started.

Not Saving for Retirement? Here's the Cost of Waiting

Here's why you might want to start saving for retirement, the potential cost if you do wait — and how you could catch up if you get a late start.

Make Catch-Up Contributions to Your Retirement Savings

If you're at least 50 years old, you might be able to make catch-up contributions to your retirement savings accounts.

Retirement Savings Calculator

Are you on track to save enough to retire? Our free retirement savings calculator with Social Security and a possible pension can help shed light on your future.

Saving for Retirement Infographic

If you're wondering how to start saving for retirement, here are some considerations.

Average Retirement Budget: Calculating Your Costs & Spending

Learn about ways you budget your finances to save for retirement.

How to Invest for Retirement

Learn about the different ways you can invest for retirement. 

Understanding Sequence of Returns Risk & How It Can Impact Your Retirement

Learn about the sequence of returns risk when it comes to understanding how long your retirement savings can last. 

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