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Who Needs Life Insurance?

Life insurance can seem like a complicated concept and spark a lot of questions. Who needs life insurance? Why does it matter? Who should have life insurance, and is it ever OK to not have it at all?

Here's an overview to help you understand more about who might want life insurance and how to think about it through different life stages.

Your life insurance needs are generally going to depend on your life stage and situation. Here are a few different scenarios to consider.

Life Insurance for Your Spouse

Learn how to help protect your spouse when it may be difficult for them to maintain the same lifestyle in your absence.

Life Insurance for Children

Learn how life insurance for children or grandchildren can provide immediate and potentially life-long protection.

Life Insurance for Your Parents

You may not think of your parents first when discussing life insurance, but there are scenarios and circumstances that may call for the added protection.

Life Insurance for Seniors

Learn how seniors can benefit from the protection and ability to leave an inheritance that some policies offer.

Life Insurance for Young Adults

An overview of the need young adults may have for life insurance.

Life Insurance for Grandchildren

Purchasing life insurance for a grandchild can be a thoughtful and beneficial gift. Learn more here.

Life Insurance for Women

Fewer women have life insurance than men, but it could help them just as much.

Life Insurance for Veterans

Learn about coverage options for a veteran as he or she leaves the service.

Life Insurance for People Over 50

Learn how life insurance can help protect your family’s future as retirement nears and questions arise around financial stability and a secure future.

Life Insurance for Business Owners

Life insurance for business owners can help to protect your business and family. Having a policy may help prevent your business from going under, too.

Business Valuation Calculator

Use our Business Valuation Calculator to estimate the value of your business and the best ways to protect your business's future.

Life Insurance for Single People

Learn why single adults may not need policies as large as breadwinners, it's important to think about any debts you might have.

Life Insurance for Stay-at-Home Parents

While many stay-at-home parents aren't bringing in an income it's important to consider the cost of services if that parent is suddenly not there anymore.

Life Insurance for New Parents

A new child is a time to evaluate how well protected your family is financially.

Life Insurance for Single Parents

Whether widowed, divorced, or single, evaluating how to protect your loved ones is important.

Life Insurance for Pregnant Women

When expecting a child and considering life insurance this guide will walk you through the details.

Life Insurance for Self-Employed

Many workers are covered by employer provided insurance coverage. If you're self-employed make sure you're protected.

Life Insurance for Diabetics

Learn about getting life insurance coverage with a pre-existing condition of diabetes.

Life Insurance for Families

Learn how it is possible cover all family members under total life insurance policies. 

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