Fidelity Investments® Introduces New Annuity: IncomeSource® Series from Western & Southern Financial Group

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Fidelity Investments® today announced the addition of IncomeSource®, a Single Premium Immediate Annuity underwritten by two Western & Southern Financial Group ("Western & Southern") member companies, to the Fidelity Insurance Network®. The first Western & Southern annuity to be offered in Fidelity's product line-up, it enables individuals to convert a lump sum into guaranteed income5 for as long as they choose - either for life or for a specific period of time.

"IncomeSource is a strong addition to Fidelity's lifetime income offerings," said Bill Johnson, president of Fidelity Investments Life Insurance. "Annuities can be an important component of a diversified portfolio and can help people create income designed to last throughout retirement. Through this addition, we are providing another excellent option that will help our clients live comfortably in retirement, while also initiating a new business relationship with an annuity provider noted for stability and strength."

IncomeSource is a strong addition to Fidelity's lifetime income offerings," said Bill Johnson, president of Fidelity Investments Life Insurance.

IncomeSource, which is issued by Western-Southern Life Assurance Company or National Integrity Life Insurance Company , offers the following advantages:

  • Increasing Payout Option5 helps protect purchasing power: To help ensure the income stream addresses inflation through the years, this option provides increased annual payouts over the length of the income stream by a compounded interest rate ranging from one to five percent.
  • Personalization: IncomeSource offers the ability to choose payout options to meet specific needs. Beneficiary protection can ensure a loved one continues to receive specified payouts in the event of one's passing. Commutation rights can provide emergency liquidity.6
  • Stability: Individuals enjoy the confidence of a guaranteed cash flow regardless of market fluctuations and downturns. In addition, Western & Southern regards itself as "one of the strongest life insurance groups in the industry," as evidenced by its strong industry ratings for financial strength and stability.

"Income guarantees help individuals attain the financial freedom to relax and enjoy their retirement," said Mark Caner, President of W&S Financial Group Distributors, Inc. "Similar philosophies, cultures and core values, combined with an extremely high mutual regard for clients, make this a powerful alliance for our respective companies."

Although this is the first Western & Southern annuity to be offered by Fidelity, the Fidelity Insurance Network® also makes available a broad variety of annuity products designed to help people increase savings, protect savings, or guarantee3 income for life. Fidelity has offered annuity products since 1987 that are easy-to-understand, high value and priced transparently and affordable. The product offering includes deferred variable annuities, immediate fixed income annuities, fixed deferred annuities with guaranteed life withdrawal benefits and deferred income annuities.

To learn more about annuities and how they can fit into your overall financial plan, visit or speak with a Fidelity annuity specialist directly at 800-345-1388.

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Founded in Cincinnati in 1888 as The Western and Southern Life Insurance Company, Western & Southern Financial Group, Inc. (Western & Southern), a Fortune 500 company, is now the parent company of a group of diversified financial services businesses. Its assets owned ($47.2 billion) and managed ($22.3 billion) total $69.5 billion as of Sept 30, 2017. Western & Southern is one of the strongest life insurance groups in the world. Its six life insurance subsidiaries (The Western and Southern Life Insurance Company, Western-Southern Life Assurance Company, Columbus Life Insurance Company, Integrity Life Insurance Company, The Lafayette Life Insurance Company and National Integrity Life Insurance Company) maintain very strong financial ratings and a Comdex Ranking of 96. Other member companies include Eagle Realty Group, LLC; Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc.¹ IFS Financial Services, Inc.; Peppertree Partners LLC¹; Touchstone Advisors, Inc.¹; Touchstone Securities, Inc.²; W&S Brokerage Services, Inc.²; and W&S Financial Group Distributors, Inc. For more information on the Western & Southern family of companies, visit Western & Southern is the title sponsor of the Western & Southern Open (, a premier event in the U.S. Open Series played each August by the world's top-ranked professional male and female tennis players.

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