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College is meant to be a very exciting, life-changing time for you — a time to learn, expand your horizons, discover your passions and explore work opportunities that offer you both personal and professional fulfillment. That’s where we come in.

At Western & Southern Financial Group, our internships — starting on day one — provide you with the challenges, projects, connections and experiences you need to enhance your personal growth and create potential opportunities after you graduate. During your time with us, you will become part of an organization that is dedicated to making Cincinnati a great place to live, work and celebrate life. You will have fun working in downtown Cincinnati, Western & Southern’s home since our founding in 1888. You will earn a competitive income, make new friends and cultivate an invaluable business network. Explore the Western & Southern internship experience and discover how you can make a personal difference and grow into the person you aspire to be as an actively engaged intern. We are eager to get to know you!

Intern Engagement & Networking

As an intern with Western & Southern Financial Group, you will have ample networking opportunities. Whether it’s networking with your peers, people of different levels within your department or senior leaders across the organization, you will be able to learn from many talented associates with a broad range of professional experiences and skills.

Networking opportunities include but are not limited to:

Intern Networking

Get to know your fellow interns on a smaller scale through fun and informational gatherings. 

Intern Lunches

Held bi-weekly in our company cafeteria, Café 400. Lunches are open to all interns to attend. 

Leader Discussions

Officer-level associates from different areas lead meetings to share information on their departments, discuss career paths and conduct Q&A sessions for interns.

Reds & FC Cincinnati

Attend a night out at the stadium for a baseball or soccer game with your manager and fellow interns.

CINC Engagements

Engage with other interns and students within Western & Southern and the Cincinnati Region through the Cincinnati Intern Network Connection (a part of the Chamber of Commerce in Cincinnati).

Our Interview Process

Internship interviews typically take place September through November, depending on the position. Our interview process involves four key steps:

  1. Phone Interview with Campus Recruiter: Our Campus Recruiter will contact you at the phone number listed on your resume for a short phone interview to see if the position and our company are a good match. 
  2. Hiring Manager Review: The hiring manager for the position will review your qualifications to ensure a good fit for the position. 
  3. Interview: If you qualify for the position, we will schedule an interview for you to meet the manager and/or the team. The interview might be on site or virtual depending on the situation.
  4. Notification of Final Decision: Our Campus Recruiter will contact you regarding the final decision. If we select you for a position, we will work out specific internship details as the time arises, such as your start date, duration of your employment and more.

Choose From a Variety of Internships

Accounting   Information Technology  

Gain experience with general ledger and investment accounting, the creation of financial statements, the preparation of journal entries to record financial transactions and other financial reporting to management and agencies.


Provide support for a variety of IT teams including project management, system testing, data analysis, cybersecurity, customer support and programming.

Accounting Rotation   Internal Audit 

Gain experience in accounting, auditing and treasury with activities including financial reporting, general ledger accounting and tax research by rotating every four months through three departments over a period of 9-12 months. 

Provide independent and objective assurance services by assisting with internal audit reviews, aiding in executing control analysis and assessing the effectiveness of controls for significant operations and functions. 

Actuary   IT Internal Audit / IT Rotation

Apply mathematical, statistical and technical skills to analyze data and reports as well as verify data and reports necessary for product and financial management using actuarial principles and mathematical analysis. 


Perform risk-based activities for financial, operational, systems and management controls with the IT Internal Audit team while conducting quality assurance-related process research and data analysis.

Finance   Real Estate
Learn about multiple facets of the investment industry and gain experience with senior management through a diverse set of projects, which could include data analysis, marketing, client service and compliance.

Develop your skills in the areas of asset management and mortgage loans. Broaden your knowledge of the real estate investment business and demonstrate quantitative reasoning skills through various projects including analysis, investment research and data retention/management. Collaborate with mortgage loan underwriters to combine best practices and standardize format of written loan recommendations made to real estate and finance committees, standardize underwriting templates used in loan analysis and reporting tools and prepare financial analyses for both mortgage loan and investment equity investments. 

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*Contributor is an employee of Western & Southern Financial Group.  Personal views and opinions expressed are those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect the views of Western & Southern Financial Group.