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You like to explore new and uncharted territory, even with your finances. You like state of the art and innovative things, but most importantly you want your decisions to be ones that cause others to look to you for advice. You’re generous by nature, and you probably want to be remembered by your friends, family and community that way, too. From a financial perspective, you enjoy the feeling of winning when your investment pays off. You balance the rush you get from winning with some moderation on the financial risk spectrum.
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Optimistic about the future of your finances
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Control financial decisions, but others can help guide you
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Enjoy the rush of taking financial risks
prideful explorer 25 percent of the people in the u.s. are just like you
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You're Engaged in Your Finances

As a Prideful Explorer, you're engaged in your finances, which means you are optimistic about the future of your finances, so kudos! You’re invested in saving for your future, but  that can also feel like a top challenge for you. You may find that you prefer to allocate a bit of your investments to your community to help your desire to be generous. When your basic needs are covered, it gives you the flexibility to invest in yourself. So, go ahead and live a little of life in the moment, you deserve it! 

Your style loves to learn and has a relentless pursuit for knowledge. You feel most like yourself when you’ve had the time to do your research and become a subject matter expert, which you tend to be in the world of finances. You know more about financial products than the average person, but more importantly you know how they work. 
 Although, sometimes that old school financial services format can feel a little dry and boring, which is why you’re pretty aware of what is new and up-and-coming in the financial innovation space.
preferred financial representative involvement level 45% have a financial representative and 37% plan to hire a financial representative

You Value Relationships

Managing your personal finances can be energizing, but you recognize when you may need a little guidance. Having a true partner in your finances, someone who is on the same page as you, may help you allocate some of your play money. You know, that extra pot of money that you can afford to take a risk on. You value relationships, including the one you may have with your financial representative. Even though you’re financially savvy, it's nice to have someone to talk it out with. 

Don’t have a financial representative? Neither do about one half of Prideful Explorers, like you. Finding time to do the research on someone who's a good fit for you can feel daunting. You prefer to seek out a relationship with a company you can trust.

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You're Motivated by Financial Independence

You're motivated to make intelligent financial decisions, which is likely one of the top drivers when you are working on your finances. Your end goal is to be financially independent, which may seem aspirational, but we believe in you! If you have a family, they are of utmost importance to you, too. You’re very involved in your finances and that is to help fulfill your desire to save as much as you possibly can. Like most Americans, you want a great return on your investments. Life events, such as buying a home or your children heading off to college (although that could still be in the future) have driven you to purchase financial products. 


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Want More of the Detailed Data?

Download our full research report to learn more about how we conducted the research and to see more data behind your financial style. 

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*Based on the statistically relevant population within the U.S. market was surveyed within the following parameters: Ages 25-70, minimum household income of $40,000, primary or shared financial decision-makers, and openness to the idea of financial products.

Research study conducted in 2018 by Western & Southern Financial Group. Quantitative and qualitative study of financial attitudes of the U.S. within ages 25-70; $40K+ household income; and openness to financial products. Six categories emerged based upon cluster analysis of a variety of attitudes regarding financial motivations. An algorithm guides the placement of participants into a segment based upon answers to the key differentiating data points.