April Is Financial Literacy Month

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With the far-reaching financial impact of the pandemic still fresh in our minds, it’s as clear as ever that a solid foundation of financial literacy is critical when managing finances and planning for the future. In fact, an increasing number of states are now requiring a personal finance course as a prerequisite for high school graduation. 
In 2004, April was designated Financial Literacy Month to educate Americans and equip them with the tools and resources needed to make informed and effective financial decisions. In recognition of this important month, we’d like to invite you to Learn. An easy-to-peruse library of articles on our website, Learn covers a wide variety of topics suitable for all ages, including investments, retirement, insurance and much more. Here are a few examples:
Take Control of Your Finances With Our Financial Planning Checklist
One way to create a solid financial foundation for yourself is to work through our financial planning checklist to help make sure you are covering all your bases. Understanding the details of your financial life can potentially increase your sense of security.
5 Common Financial Problems for College Students & How You Could Avoid Them
As a college student, do you know the fundamentals of smart money management? Learn how you could avoid some of the most common financial missteps.
How Much Money Should You Have Saved by 30?
When you break down your short- and long-term needs, it might be more than you think. But with careful financial planning in your 20s, staying on track is likely within your reach.
Should I Pay Off Debt Before I Retire?
Your retirement years should be a time to relax and enjoy life rather than worry about paying off debt. Here's what to consider before you retire.
Taking the time to boost your financial knowledge is a worthwhile endeavor. The more you know about managing your personal finances, the more you can concentrate on what matters most – enjoying your life and cherishing time with your loved ones.