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Let Western & Southern's nearly 130 years of experience help plan and protect your financial future. 

Our Financial Products Are Designed to Meet You Where You Are

We know that one size doesn't fit all. With our financial products, you can choose from a variety of options designed to fit your budget and personal needs. From life insurance to investments, we can partner with you to help find a solution that's right for you to protect the people you love.

Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance providing you with personalized, lifelong coverage

Universal Life Insurance

Flexible, permanent insurance that can adjust as your needs change

Term Life Insurance

Flexible, affordable protection for your short-term insurance needs

Life Insurance Solutions
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Fixed Annuity

Accumulates wealth based on a minimum interest rate for the life of your annuity

Variable Annuity

Choose how to allocate your funds within your tolerance ranging from aggressive to conservative

Immediate Annuity

Payments typically begin right away and last for as long as you choose

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Mutual Funds

Pool of stocks, bonds, and other assets you and investors with similar goals invest your money in 

Individual Retirement Accounts

Special types of savings accounts with powerful tax advantages designed to help you invest for retirement

529 College Savings Plan

A tax-advantaged way for you to save for higher education for your loved ones

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Additional Insurance

Accidental Death Insurance

A complement to your life insurance policy that helps protect you and your family in case of accidental death

Critical Illness Insurance

An individual health policy that pays a lump-sum benefit upon diagnosis of one of the covered illnesses

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Additional insurance to help pay for some of your health care expenses not covered under Medicare

Long-Term Care Insurance

Coverage for nursing home care, home health care and other personal assistance you may require as a senior

Disability Income Insurance

Protection that can provide you a source of income to help pay living expenses if you become disabled

Additional Solutions

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